VALORANT’s next map supposedly named “Breeze” could be located in the Caribbean, leaks suggest

With earlier rumors suggesting the new map’s name to be Foxtrot and located on a ship, earlier today data miners have found info further updating us on the matter. Leaks suggest that the Foxtrot just might be the codename and actual name being Breeze and located in the Caribbean.

VALORANT’s existing five maps: Bind, Split, Haven, Ascent, Icebox all included a unique feature like teleporter, three bomb sites etc. FOXTROT, if it is indeed on a ship should also feature a new and unique map trait as well.

With the latest patch 2.06 rolling out, a lot of new data has been added to the game. Alongside a new skin collection, we might be seeing a new map in the coming future. Data miners have initially speculated the name to be Foxtrot. But the latest leaks suggest it might be the codename with the actual name being Breeze.

A popular dataminer, Valorant Leaks has shared this information on social media earlier today.

Also, in this leaked video of Spike News, we can also see a Caribbean-themed loading screen that might hint at the next map being in the Caribbean. What unique features this map might have is still unknown.

Update: New map leaks

These are all leaked information and speculated so do take these with a grain of salt. But there might very well be a Caribbean-themed map named Breeze for Act 3.

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