VALORANT Competitive 2023 Roadmap: Tournament Mode, Domestic and International League, & More

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

In 2023, Riot Games will bring significant changes to the VALORANT competitive ecosystem that will create a revolutionary shift in the experience of players and fans.

Riot Games first teased VALORANT in October 2019 with the code name Project A. After it became official, the game started closed beta testing on April 7, 2020, and received massive praise from the players who got to experience the game.

Many experienced developers were behind the creation of VALORANT, and they put their utmost effort into the game. Riot Game’s previous experience with League of Legends helped them make a better competitive FPS game that could rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Riot Games didn’t put its effort just into making the gameplay satisfactory; it also introduced a lot of other things that made VALORANT stand out from other FPS titles. For example, Riot Games attempted to make VALORANT a game where players could play the game and experience it to the fullest.

VALORANT was officially released on June 2, 2020, just two months after it started its beta testing. As everyone knows, Riot Games is famous for its marketing tactics. So, after the release, it didn’t take long for VALORANT to gain a massive player base. In the 2021 year alone, VALORANT maintained an average player base of 12 million each month.

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Following its popularity, Riot Games has introduced many new contents and features to keep the player base active and engaged. In every new Patch, Episode, and Act, VALORANT brings something different to the players. So, players don’t have to experience the same thing repeatedly. And it seems like Riot Games is not planning to stop.

Riot Games to Introduce Tournament Mode, Leagues, and Global Events

VALORANT cares about its mass player base. However, it is still a competitive FPS title where many major tournaments occur based on it. So VALORANT is planning to make considerable changes to the system so that more players can participate and be rewarded regardless of who they are and where they belong.

VALORANT esports in 2023
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games will make changes in four layers to VALORANT in the upcoming year 2023. They will introduce a tournament mode in the game where more players can qualify for pro play via in-game tournament mode.

VALORANT will expand the current challengers and Game-changers systems to cover more countries and regions so more players can participate in leagues. Riot Games will also introduce three new leagues for the best teams around the world.

Just like the League of Legends World Championship, VALORANT will create Global Events that will raise the bar for eSports events in the whole world.

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