VALORANT Female Pro Tayhuhu Gets Indefinite Ban on Twitch after 3-Year-Old daughter Interacts with chat

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Tayhuhu Twitter account

A Professional VALORANT player and Brazilian streamer named Tayhuhu got an indefinite ban on Twitch recently because her three-year-old daughter interacted with the chat while she was away.

Tayhuhu is a Brazilian streamer with over 25k followers. She is also a VALORANT pro player currently playing for team INTZ Angels. Tayhuhu usually streams VALORANT, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty: Warzone on her Twitch channel. She streams in Portuguese and has an average viewer count of 120. Tayhuhu started streaming regularly in September of 2019 and has grown her channel at a fast rate in the year 2020. She went from an average of 7 viewers to 100+ viewers within the span of a year.

Recently Tayhuhu’s Twitch account was suspended because her 3-year-old daughter interacted with the twitch chat while she was away.

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Reason for ban:

Tayhuhu during her last stream went to grab the food she ordered and during this time her three-year-old daughter came in-front of the stream and interacted with the chat.

According to a Twitter user called SlowToad, anyone under the age of 13 has to be accompanied by an adult at all times on stream.

This is the reason Tayhuhu was banned on Twitch because while her daughter appeared in front of the stream she was not there.

Slowtoad's explanation of tayhuhu's ban
Slowtoad’s explanation of tayhuhu’s ban Credit: SlowToads twitter

Tayhuhu’s Response:

Tayhuhu after the ban took to Twitter to vent her frustration about the whole situation. The translation might be a bit off you can get a gist of what Tayhuhu is trying to say.

In the tweet, Tayhuhu said that during her stream her daughter appears and interacts with the live chat while she was at the door taking her order of food.

Tayhuhu's response translated
Tayhuhu’s response translated Credit: Tayhuhu’s twitter page

She also said that she was shaking with hate and crying so much. she also added that twitch ended her evolution as a streamer. She apparently had been live streaming every day for a year and managed to grow her channel.

Tayhuhu's response translated
Tayhuhu’s response translated Credit: Tayhuhu’s twitter page

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