VALORANT: Fan Theory suggests Viper is behind the death of Reyna’s little sister

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Fans are theorizing that the reason behind the enmity between Viper and Reyna may be the death of Reyna’s younger sister.

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VALORANT has intricate lore veiled in mystery. While nothing has been confirmed by Riot, the community has always shown great interest in the backstories of the characters. Thus, many speculations and fan theories arise from the content of the game.

In a recent Reddit thread, Redditor GamePlayerEx hypothesized through some clues given in the banner included in the battlepass as well as Reyna’s voice lines. The banner shows Reyna and Viper having a staredown with a photo below them showing Viper (aka Dr. Sabine) with a young girl who is very likely to be Reyna’s younger sister. 

Screen Grab Via r/VALORANT

On another spectrum of the same light, Omen is often seen to use a voice line which indicates how Omen and Viper are both monsters while Viper still has a human skin to hide in. This might refer to the fact that Viper did some deadly scientific experiments like a scientist before some extinction-level event broke out.

viper behind death of reyna's sister
Image Credit: Riot Games

At some point, Dr. Sabine (aka Viper) might’ve used Reyna’s little sister as a test subject, which might indicate to Reyna’s after-kill voice line, “For you, Hermanita.” (Hermanita = ‘little sister’ in Spanish). The motive for Reyna’s lethality might be based on her loss which very much might be her sister and her hunger for revenge which is shown in Reyna’s player card “Revenge for Life”. In the end, all of this just stands on a big ‘if’ or ‘what’ because we still have no idea what happened to Reyna’s little sister.

Image Via: Riot Games

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The VALORANT lore is still in its infancy. Developers are constnatly hinting at new plots by releasing content related to the lore. In contrast, it’s presumable that the story of VALORANT will get better with time. While we wait to explore the whole backstory of Kingdom Corporation we can only indulge ourselves in these speculations.

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