VALORANT Economy Guide for all Weapons

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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The in-game economy of VALORANT is crucial to understand to play the game effectively.

VALORANT is Riot’s tactical shooter and answer to the long-standing giant of the genre, Counter-Strike. The game has taken inspiration from the genre of tactical 5v5—especially its own take on the unique economy feature.

The VALORANT economy functions similarly yet differently from CS. Learning how to use the economy effectively will grant you an advantage. To improve in the game, the economy and the weapons to purchase should be second nature to any player.

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How the VALORANT Economy Works

The economy in the game is actually quite simple to understand. There are a few basics that you should already be familiar with and some cases that you might not have known. The VALORANT economy works as follows:

Starting Round800 creds
Overtime5,000 creds
Win Bonus3,000 creds
Lose 1 Round1,900 creds
Lose 2 in a row2,400 creds
Lose 3 or more in a row2,900 creds
Getting a kill200 creds
Planting the Spike300 creds for the whole team
Attackers survive without planting1,000 creds with no loss streak bonus
Defenders still alive after detonation1,000 creds with no loss streak bonus

Winning a round during a losing streak will reset the loss bonus back to the first 1,900 credits. You may only hold up to 9,000 credits at any point in the game.

Using the Economy Effectively

Now that we know how currency flows in VALORANT. It is important to know how it can be appropriately utilized. Having a better grasp on the money will give you an edge over your opponents. Using more money to buy better weapons will allow you to secure more rounds and win the game faster than saving up for the best guns and letting your opponents get the upper hand.

Valorant Buy Menu

Pistol Rounds


Recommended: Classic, Ghost

The pistol round is quite valuable. It sets up the rest of the game, and winning it is an easy boost to your round count before the big guns are out. The classic is very effective, even as a starting pistol. The low damage can be traded off with more shields and abilities to turn the tide. On the other hand, if you are confident with your aim, go for the Ghost and use the taps to style over your opponents.



Recommended: Spectre, Marshal

The anti-eco is one of those rounds where you have the economic advantage and the opponent is forced to ‘save’ i.e. not buy any strong weapons. In these situations, having a fast-firing weapon with little movement inaccuracy is a good option. Reaving the economy, you should opt for the Spectre for a quick mow-down or use the Marshal to pick them off from a distance.



Recommended: Vandal/Phantom, Operator

Most of the rounds will be played with these weapons. They are the best in the game and slightly situational. The Operator is used to pick off enemies with a lethal one-shot, while the Phantom and Vandal are your bread and butter in gunfights. The Vandal’s one-shot headshot potential is lethal, but the Phantom has a forgiving spread and 5 more bullets in the magazine.

Miscellaneous Weapons


These weapons are more situational and sometimes used to just prove a point. However, the do pack a punch, especially the Odin. So, keep an eye out for the opponent’s economy and they might be pulling out one of these show-stoppers.

Understanding the VALORANT Economy

The economic back and forth of this game makes it so interesting and engaging. No two rounds can be the same, and crippling the money of the opponents nets you an extreme advantage that can be hard to overcome. Especially in the closing stages of a half, where momentum is very important. For that, keep an eye out for these situations:

  • If the enemy is saving weapons in a round, they might be cobbling up a buy for the next.
  • Keep a check for the Ultimate Abilities of your opponents. Some of them negate the need to buy a weapon for the upcoming round

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