How Long Does it Take to Defuse the Spike in VALORANT

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Are you curious about how long it takes to defuse the spike after it’s planted? Let’s look at how much you have in hand after the spike is planted.

VALORANT is one of the most popular tactical shooters worldwide. Developed by the creators of League of Legends, Riot Games, the game combines traditional shooters like CSGO and ability-based shooters like Overwatch.

VALORANT’s primary game mode is based on the Spike. So, players need to be super familiar with all the mechanics related to the spike to make their time in-game easier. Moreover, it makes winning matches easier. So, let’s take a look at how long it takes to defuse the Spike in VALORANT.

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What is the Spike in VALORANT?

The Spike is the bomb in VALORANT. During a round in-game, Attackers have to plant the Spike, and Defenders have to defuse the Spike. One player from the Attacker side must carry the Spike, which drops if the player gets eliminated. If the Spike is not planted at all during a round and at least one of the Defenders is alive, the round win is awarded to the Defenders.

VALORANT Spike Defuse
Image via Riot Games

Spike Time Frames in VALORANT

During a round, usually, it takes about 4 seconds to plant the spike at a site. On the other hand, it takes 7 seconds to defuse the Spike, and the defuse saves at the 3.5-second mark, which is also known as half-defused. There is a 45-second window after the Spike is planted during a round.

VALORANT Spike Defuse
Image via Riot Games

Defenders must enter the site within 40 seconds after the Spike is planted to defuse it. There are time frames about the Spike that help players figure out how much time is left until it explodes and whether they can defuse it or not. Here are the time frames and sound cues for the Spike:

  • 1-25 Seconds = Spike emits one Beep per second
  • 25-35 Seconds = Spike emits two Beeps per second
  • 35-40 Seconds = Spike emits four Beeps per second
  • 41-45+ Seconds = Spike emits eight Beeps per second

From the beep sounds, anything up to 40 seconds is safe ground for Defenders, and they can defuse the Spike safely if they manage to reach it. However, anything above 40 seconds and eight Beeps per second means there is not enough time for players to defuse the Spike. After 45 seconds, the Spike explodes, creating a large area of effect, and players in that area are eliminated.

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