VALORANT: An impressive Killjoy Nanoswarm and Lockdown combination for Haven

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Killjoy was added to the VALORANT’s agent pool back in August. Her abilities can pose a grave danger when carefully placed.

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Riot decided to release Killjoy with the release of ACT 2. The controversial character was exceptionally overpowered before the deployment of Patch 1.11. Prior to the patch, flankers & lurkers had to endure the full strength of Killjoy’s abilities. Her Turrets temporarily made it impossible to perform a flanking manoeuvre in the game. Thanks to Riot, Killjoy is now a much more balanced character.

Even after such targeted nerfs, Killjoy’s role as a Sentinel agent is still undeniably crucial. First Strike NA champion team 100 Thieves demonstrated Killjoy’s full potential. Despite her reduced strength, Joshua “steel” Nissan’s incredible performance with Killjoy pushed players to rediscover her abilities as an anchor.

Redditor Kapitan_Wiyabu‘s constructed a deadly combination with Killjoy’s Nanoswarm & Lockdown. The Nanoswarm lineup followed by the initiation of Killjoy’s ultimate ability will surely provide a much safer opening to retake Haven’s A site. As shown by Kapitan_Wiyabu, players should throw the Nanoswarm at the very edge of the Lockdown’s effective radius to force enemies to break cover and seek risky engagements. The Nanoswarm lineup is quite simple, but the outcome will be great if executed accordingly. Above all, the entire process can be conducted from the safety of Haven’s “A Link” area.

Retaking is a complex task; it requires excellent teamwork & communication. The primary objective is to eliminate all threats before defusing the Spike; however, successful retakes are really hard to pull off.

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