Valkyrie Esylium: How to Get S-Rank on Missions

Are you wondering how you can get that sweet S-rank on missions in Valkyrie? Don’t worry. We have your back.

Remember Devil May Cry and when the game would get the music buzzing during a fight as you hit those sweet combos? A mission Ranking after every time you finish a mission in the game? Well, Valkyrie Esylium does offer something similar. Basically, it will give you a Rank after you complete every task based on your performance.

Now getting the highest Rank might be challenging to earn if you don’t know how it works. So you can check out the complete guide below to better understand how to get S-Rank on missions inside Valkyrie Esylium.

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How To Get S-Rank on Missions in Valkyrie Esylium

A new turn-based RPG from Square Enix is here to give its fans a unique experience. You can now dodge attacks, and the game will rank you based on your performance on every mission. This ranking system is available in both side quests and main tasks. The Rank of your missions depends on nine different things. These include: Time taken to finish the mission, Items used, Damage taken, Divine Arts Used, Einherjar Summoned, Successful Technical Defends, Kills, Max Combo Count, and Deaths.

Credit- Square Enix

Among these, the most that matter are Kills, Divine Arts, Time, and Successful Technical Defends. Players should always make sure they finish missions quickly and not waste time. Moreover, doing things like using Items, dying, and taking damage will decrease the score. Avoid taking damage, as it is the key to not consuming items and dying.

Valkyrie Esylium also has a lot of different side quests you can do in the game. If you are wondering how to do side quests, you can check out our articles on how to unlock side quests in Valkyrie Esylium.

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