Valkyrie Elysium – How To Save

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Square Enix

Learn how to save your progress in Valkyrie Elysium.

JRPGs require you to grind, farm, and explore a lot. Losing your progress after hours of gameplay is always frustrating. Especially if you have just finished some tedious side-quests or finally unlocked that one weapon or skill of choice after a lot of grinding.

Hence, this guide outlines how to save your progress in Valkyrie Elysium so that you never forget to save again after fighting hordes of enemies and challenging bosses.

Autosave in Valkyrie Elysium

Autosaves in JRPGs is a modern feature. Commonly you had to sleep in a tent/ inn or interact with a specific object to save progress. Valkyrie Elysium also has an autosave feature, so your game will regularly save in intervals. This commonly occurs after important moments like a cutscene, right before or after a large fight, boss fights, or at the start or end of a new chapter.

Keep an eye out on the top right corner of the screen for a logo that appears when the game is saving. The logo depicts a quill writing the word “Auto-Saving.” The autosave logo during gameplay can also act as an indicator for an upcoming crucial moment, such as a boss fight or cutscene. Hence, you can prepare yourself beforehand.

But it would be best if you didn’t always rely on the autosave feature as it’s hard to predict when it is triggered, and the logo isn’t always visible when you’re focused on more important areas of the screen.

Manual Save

Valkyrie Elysium How to Save Game
credits: Square Enix

Even if the game autosaves, you should always manually save your progress whenever you can. It allows you to have more control of your game’s progress and helps you to plan.

Furthermore, you risk losing your hard-earned progress if you rely entirely on the game autosaving. You might think the game was saved on its own at some point and turned off the game without double-checking. All those hours were lost. Hence, manual save is the best way to keep track of your adventures in Valkyrie Elysium, even though auto-saving is a convenient feature.

Like all other JRPGs, you must interact with a certain object to manually save in Valkyrie Elysium. In case these are blue floating crystals. However, unlike auto-saving indicators, these aren’t hard to miss.

As you complete the story missions in each chapter, you will find them spread across the map. Once you interact with the save point, you can choose any slot to save. Make good use of the multiple slots to replay at a certain point if needed. These save points are also a hub for upgrading your equipment.

Lastly, one save crystal is also located in Valhalla, so you can also save your game outside the main quests.

Now that you know how to save progress in Valkyrie Elysium and how saving works, play without stressing over losing progress and experience the great game to its fullest. Don’t forget to save at every save point with multiple slots to backtrack and unlock or obtain something you missed or level up for a tough fight.

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