Uzi Takes A Break From Pro Play From Bilibili Gaming

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After a tumultuous split for Bilibili Gaming, they have put out an announcement that Uzi is taking a break from professional play.

At the start of the split, everyone was hyped to watch this Bilibili Gaming roster as it had some of the best players in the LPL including the return of Uzi. However, things were not as smooth as their performances were not up to expectations, and Doggo primarily played over Uzi. Thus, a few hours ago, BLG announced that Uzi is taking a break due to synergy differences with the team.

The Announcement

BLG put out the announcement in this post (it is in Chinese). The general translation of the announcement is that the progress of the team was not satisfactory and Uzi has not been able to synergize with the team. Thus, Uzi and BLG mutually agreed for him to take a break and adjust his condition.

On the surface, it seems that Uzi is struggling to come back to pro play and he does not fit with the team. However, how BLG went about it was not optimal. Playing Doggo for so many games while Uzi did not get much game time makes no sense. Also, no wonder there were synergy issues as you need game reps to actually build it up.

With the team underperforming and Uzi not getting much game time, it makes sense for Uzi to just take a break and review the situation after MSI.

How To Fix Bilibili Gaming’s Situation

BLG has a lot of problems to fix as the players in the team are not synergizing well while Uzi is taking a break due to similar reasons. The first step to fix the situation is to play Uzi more than Doggo is getting games in Summer 2022. We know how talented Doggo is but this is not good for the team environment if Uzi is not getting enough time to play after BLG signed him and hyped it up. However, it’s a bit too late for this split as the playoffs start in a few days.

Secondly, they need to find a style to play around with. Both Breathe and FoFo are struggling while Weiwei has to pick up the pieces all around the map. They have to do their best in the Spring 2022 Playoffs in hopes to go down that direction. If by some miracle they make it through to MSI, it will be great to see.

However, it would be unwise to hope that happens and BLG should get ready to fix the situation to get better for the upcoming split. Therefore, they should play out the rest of Spring 2022 the best they can and hope they get better in Summer.

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