Riot Will Be Making Updates to Quickplay in LoL 2024

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has announced that they will make some significant updates to Quickplay in 2024.

League of Legends has many game modes. Even though the premier game mode is ranked, most casual players either stick to ARAM, Arena, or Normals.

Normals is the first game mode that most players would play for the first time. In normals, players can play the base version of League of Legends without any stakes. Therefore, they can have fun and experience the full game without any concern. Before, players were able to choose between two normal queues, Blind Pick and Draft Pick.

Draft is the premier game mode with the usual picks and bans, while with Blind, players could pick whatever their hearts desired.

Over time, Blind Pick lost its relevance. The only people who played it were new players if they hadn’t unlocked the draft pick yet or they wanted to try out a new champion peacefully.

Because of this unpopularity, Riot removed Blind Pick not too long ago in favour of Quickplay. With quickplay, players can pick their champions and runes before they queue. And once they find a match, they are instantly put into the game instead of the pre-game lobby.

With that said, similar to Blind Pick, Quickplay is also significantly unpopular compared to Draft Pick. Players did try it out when it came out, but afterwards, they stopped playing it. Those who are still playing are the old Blind Pick players.

Regardless, Riot has recently revealed that Quickplay will get some massive updates in the next year.

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LoL Quickplay Updates 2024

As stated before, Quickplay is still not up to par as players initially hoped for. But it is a great option for those who are five-stacking normals.

Recently, a game director for League of Legends RiotPupulasers stated on Reddit that they will be improving Quickplay in 2024. These improvements include better UI/UX, matchmaking, etc.

The UI with Quickplay is clunky compared to the rest of the game, as they mostly reused the Blind Pick UI with slight differences. Moreover, if you are solo queuing, matchmaking is unbalanced.

Overall, Quickplay is still a fairly new mode. So, we can expect Riot to improve this game mode moving forward.

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