League of Legends Upcoming Boyband Skins Allegedly Leaked

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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It seems Boyband skins are coming to League of Legends, according to new leaks.

Riot has incorporated a variety of unique concepts into League of Legends through cosmetics. A lot of them refer to Chinese Mythology, celebrate different holidays, and delve into fantastical thematics. Thus, we have seen a plethora of skins for all the players.

One of those particular themes is the introduction of music bands as cosmetics in League of Legends. They not only made cosmetics out of it but also made music videos out of it. Not only that, the music bands are different, so Riot produced different types of music to fit alongside that.

So far, League of Legends has the KPOP band K/DA, Hip-Hop group True Damage, Metal Band Pentakill, and more. That said, it seems Riot is preparing for another new music group, as a Boyband skin line has been leaked from Wild Rift.

This will be a shared skin line, according to the leaks. Here is all we know so far about this rumored new boyband.

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Rumored Boyband Skins

The rumors started from Wild Rift as they are getting a boyband skin line soon. According to the same sources, these boyband skins will be making their way into the PC version as well. Diving into the information, we get more details about this boyband.

According to Wild Rift Leaks, Kayn will be receiving a Legendary skin, while other champions like Ezreal, Sett, and Yone will also receive skins in this line. To note, these are all rumors, so this could change at any point. Regardless, Riot has laid the groundwork to have a boyband skin in the very near future.

The bigger question would be whether we would get a Music Video alongside the skin release, as that’s what happened to the previous music group releases. There is a lot of stuff up in the air still, barring the leaks.

Potential Release Date

Given that Patch 13.21 has no announced skin yet, barring the delayed Coven Syndra skin, we can expect the new boyband skin then. Nexus Blitz will also be coming in Patch 13.21 as well, so the skin line could be related to that.

Patch 13.21 is set to be released on October 25, 2023.

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