Check Out The Unlimited Money Glitch in MW3 Zombies

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Today we are here with an amazing Unlimited Money Glitch guide in MW3 Zombies to make your zombie hunting much more easier.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is back with the infamous Zombie mode. The fan-favorite mode has already been hyped around in the community as the players share their experiences, strategies, and funny moments in this exciting game mode. The basic idea of this mode is to collect as many essences in the game as the players can by completing contracts and objectives. The players can buy items or upgrade items to protect themselves with the essences earned by their hard grind.

However, collecting essence is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, with a series of complicated contracts, getting enough essence to survive can become challenging. Essence is the main savior, and if you enter the third zone without enough essence to survive, good luck defending yourself because it’s a literal death trap.

But worry not; as always, the community has developed an interesting unlimited money glitch that provides you with enough essence to survive and defeat the zombies! So, without further delay, let us look at what this glitch is about.

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Unlimited Money Glitch MW3 Zombies

To make things easier for you, we will take you on a step-by-step guide to the unlimited money glitch in MW3 Zombies.

Aim for Essence

Enter the game mode and start the match. Aim to collect as much essence as possible when you start the match. You will be doubling these essences, so the more you collect, the better for you. Once you have collected enough essence, find yourself a Tombstone Vending Machine to get a Tombstone perk. The vending machine has no fixed location and keeps spawning randomly. So, watch your map as the vending machine will be marked on it.

Where did that Vending Machine go?

Drop all your items from the rucksack once you have reached the vending machine. Make sure you have dropped self-revive if you have any. Otherwise, the glitch won’t work. Now, go ahead and purchase and use the tombstone soda from the vending machine.

Give the Zombies a Chance!

Now, it’s time to get yourself knocked out by the zombies. Head anywhere open and wait for the zombies to knock you down. Once you are knocked down, don’t hold to give up, you will have to let the whole timer end on its own. Once the timer ends, wait till another timer to plea for help ends, and finally, you will be eliminated.

Where the Fun Begins

Now, go back to the main menu after skipping through all the post-match screens. Enter another match of zombies with no weapons equipped. You will then be taken in the game, and if you look carefully, you will find a tombstone marker of your grave on the map. Ensure you don’t kill any zombies or pick up any items after being loaded in a new game.

Head towards that marker to collect the loot from your dead body. Voila! Your essence will be doubled in amount. If you have died with 20,000 essences in the last game, you will receive 40,000 essences from your tombstone grave. You can repeat this glitch as long as you want to get unlimited money in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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