Ubisoft releases a lo-fi album ‘Postmatch’ for Rainbow Six Siege

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

In a new blog post, Ubisoft has announced the release of “Postmatch”: Rainbow Six Siege’s first Lo-fi album.

Music has played a great part for Siege fans whether it be the main theme of Rainbow Six Siege or the Invitational theme. And now, Ubisoft wanted to provide the players with a brand-new way of listening to Siege, so they have partnered with Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle, and WIZE to create twenty Siege-inspired tracks.

YouTube video

Another huge win for the community is that this new album can be used without any fear of copyright issues. So, Twitch streamers will be able to listen to these tracks live and YouTubers can even use them in their videos. But do remember to put the proper credit:


Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle, and WIZE© Copyright: 2021 Ubisoft Music℗ Production: 2021 Ubisoft Music

List of tracks

  1. Prep Montage
  2. Rainbow Lounge
  3. Evening Bork
  4. Industry of Design
  5. On Leave
  6. Underground
  7. Urban Jungle
  8. Riddle in the sky
  9. Sunday Waking
  10. Unrattled Pride
  11. Celestial Journey
  12. Jam & Flow
  13. Debrief Beats
  14. Low Growl
  15. Speakeasy
  16. High Rise, Low Pulse
  17. Invitation to Dream
  18. Unanswered Questions
  19. Ocean View
  20. Breathless static



This is the first of its kind album for Rainbow Six Siege, and there might be more coming in the future.

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