Ubisoft Finally Resolves Rainbow Six Siege Connectivity Issues

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

After a long painful wait, Ubisoft has fixed the recent connectivity issues of Rainbow Six Siege. But has the server problems actually been resolved?

The Rainbow Six Siege community has been frustrated throughout the last couple of weeks. R6 players have been facing constant connection errors when trying to play the game, leading to an outcry on social media.

The connection errors were not only stopping players from finding a match, many were reportedly being kicked out of matches, leading to abandonment sanctions and even temporary matchmaking bans.

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Macie Jay, one of the biggest Siege streamers, was imposed a 24-hour sanction because the servers went down on him. Naturally, players avoided Siege for some time, which meant queue times increased by a lot, making things even worse.

However, Ubisoft finally responded yesterday by temporarily disabling the abandonment sanctions and even reverting those who were falsely penalized.

And today, the devs shared another Status Update that states “An issue with our service partners causing the recent connectivity issues on R6S has been resolved.”

As of now, the leave penalty has not been reactivated, so expect another update on that. Ubisoft will also compensate the players for this connectivity issue soon.


While the exact reward has not been resolved, we can predict it to be a Renown boost or a Battle Pass reward boost for a certain amount of time. Although the players would like to get a free Bravo Pack or something better than the Renown boost.

We have queued and played some matches, so the connection seems to be fine now. But as Siege is very unpredictable, the issues can pop up anytime. But till then, you should now start and grind some ranked after some time off of Siege these past weeks.

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