Riot Announces Two Upcoming VGU In League of Legends

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot Games announces two existing champions getting VGU or Visual and Gameplay Update in League of Legends.

League of Legends was released over a decade ago. And since then, we have received myriads of new champions. However, because League of Legends is an ever-evolving game, some of the champions do start to feel outdated compared to their peers. Because of this reason, Riot regularly adjusts the champions so that they can still compete in the meta. However, if that is not enough to fix them, then Riot often opts for reworks. One of the most popular types of rework is VGU.

VGU, or Visual and Gameplay Update, is a type of rework where Riot fully overhauls both a champion’s kit and visual to the point where they feel like a brand new champion. The last VGU we received in the game was Udyr. Even though, lore-wise, it was the same Udyr, he was completely different in terms of gameplay. Now, he is more versatile than ever.

The next VGU we are supposed to get is for Skarner. However, due to his already base complexity, it was difficult for Riot to figure out what to do with the champion initially. But now, after completely overhauling him, we should be getting him in the rift sooner rather than later.

With that said, Riot has recently released a dev log about season 2024. In it, they have confirmed two more VGUs after Skarner. Here’s both of them.

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League of Legends: Two Upcoming VGU

Right After Skarner rework, Riot will be updating a champion who is related to Arcane. Besides that, we don’t know anything about this champion. As for what will be changed, the gameplay will be upgraded, and their design will be changed to fit their Arcane counterpart.

But we should be getting more information about this champion after Arcane Season 2.

Shyvanna VGU

The champion who is getting a VGU after the Arcane-related character is Shyvanna. Shyvanna has been a core part of League of Legends, and she has an iconic theme. However, in recent times, she has gotten more clunkier in terms of gameplay. Moreover, her design is also very dated when you compare it to her Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra counterparts. For that reason, she is getting a rework.

Even though we don’t know much about this VGU, Riot did reveal some crucial information. Unlike Skarner, they won’t be overhauling her overall design or lore. Moreover, her gameplay should be more refined than ever.

As for the release date, Shyvanna’s VGU will not be released until 2025 and after the Arcane-related VGU. So we just need to be patient.

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