Twitch Streamer “Squid Game” Banned from Instagram Following Mass Report from Netflix Fans

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Netflix/ Squid Game Twiter account

A Twitch streamer with the username “SquidGame” was recently banned from Instagram.

Squid Game, a South Korean survival drama television series recently released on Netflix. The series follows the story of 456 contestants from different walks of life with massive debts. The contestants take part in a series of children’s games with the penalty of losing being death. Since its release, Squid Game has amassed massive popular reviews and is currently on track to becoming the most-watched series on Netflix.

But the success of Squid Game has brought some unforeseen consequences for a streamer with the same username. Many fans of the Netflix Series have been harassing the Twitch Streamer “SquidGame” for having the same online handle as their favorite show.

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Squid Game’s Instagram Account Banned:

The Twitch streamer in the spotlight has the username “SquidGame” on Twitch and Instagram. Recently she made a statement on Twitter saying that mass reporting from Netflix fans resulted in Instagram banning her account.

She also applied for the Instagram ban to be reviewed but apparently, it will take 24 hours for the review process to finish.

Reading some of the comments from Lydia’s Instagram account makes the whole scenario very clear. The username of Netflix Series Squid games is currently “squidgame_netflix”. But fans of the series want the Netflix Series’s username to be only “SquidGame”.

SquidGaming Twitter account Screenshot

But Lydia has been using the “squidgame” username for many years now even before the release of the series. This is possibly the reason for all the Netflix fans mass reporting and commenting on Lydia’s social media accounts asking her to give up the username.

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