Twitch Streamer Jinnytty Becomes a Tourist Attraction While Livestreaming IRL

Nawshad Noor
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Popular Twitch streamer Jinnytty was recently Livestreaming IRL when she became the center of attention of a passerby tourist bus full of people.

Yoo Yoonjin, more commonly known online as Jinnytty, is a popular South Korean Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She is famous for her IRL streams on Twitch. Jinny started her streaming career back in 2017 and has massively increased her popularity.

Jinny liked to play Hearthstone and watch pro players play games back in the day. After becoming popular and gaining impressive followers, she started to incorporate high interactivity and IRL content into her streams. At the end of 2019, Jinny moved to the USA and changed her target audience to European and American audiences. Jinny also stayed at the home of another popular streamer, Esfand, and frequently did collaboration streams.

Jinnytty’s past Livestream has not been without incidents, as she was robbed twice during her South America IRL streams. She also had an incident where she ended up falling into a pit at night and injuring her leg during Stream.

Recently, things got a bit scary for Jinnytty as she was in Taiwan Livestreaming and noticed someone in a hood following her for more than 4 hours. She then contacted the police and told them to ask the person to stop following her. She apparently also received a police escort to her residence after the incident.

Jinnytty later updated her fans and followers about the incident saying that, apparently, police arrested the person and put him in a mental hospital. So, since the stalker situation is resolved, Jinnytty is back once again on the streets of Taiwan, Livestreaming to her viewers.

During one of her recent Livestreams, Jinnytty became the center of attention of a group of tourists traveling via a bus.

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Jinnytty Tourist Attraction

On May 1st, Jinnytty was traveling down a road Livestreaming to her viewers. She was talking about the road being pretty rough. When a tourist bus on the opposite side of the road tried to grab her attention by honking.

When she looked at the Tour Bus, everyone inside the bus started waving at her. Jinnytty was overjoyed by the incident and started waving back at the Tour Bus. She said,

“No way, Hiiiii. Guys, whole bus, what the hell?”

Thus, Jinnytty became a tourist attraction for a passerby tourist bus and passengers.

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