Twitch Bans Male Streamer Finnster During Livestream

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Finnstar YouTube

Popular Twitch streamer F1NN5TER was recently banned after adjusting bra for a prolonged period during Livestream; the funny thing about all this is that Finnster is a man.

Jude, Better known online as Finnster or F1NN5TER is a popular streamer and gaming content creator. Finn became popular after posing as an E-girl and trolling people on the internet. The video that first started Finn’s crossdressing adventures was called, “I Became an E-Girl in Minecraft… (bad idea)” which received millions of views.

He then opened his second channel where he dresses up as a girl and trolls people on the internet. Back in 2019 Finn lost a bet with his friend and had to dress up as a girl for a month. His channel then started to gain massive popularity because Finn genuinely looked like a beautiful girl.

So, Finn decided to keep dressing up as a girl and continued his streams like that. Nowadays, Finn wears female clothing complete with long hair, manicured painted nails, stockings, etc. In a recent turn of events, Finn was banned from Twitch for adjusting his bra for a prolonged period.

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Finnstar Banned:

On February 9, Finnstar posted on his Twitter informing everyone about his ban. In the Tweet, he wrote,


Below the Tweet, Finn gave more details as to why Twitch banned him while fixing his bra.

“While fixing my bra, this was seen as “prolonged touching of female presenting breasts”. There’s 2 rulesets and Twitch don’t warn if they see you as female presenting. As a man, touching your chest can now be bannable depending on how feminine Twitch sees you”

So, according to Finn Twitch banned him for prolonged touching of female presenting breasts.

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