This Floor is Lava Tactic Can Let Players Escape From Sova Recon Dart in VALORANT

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

A Reddit user called u/saxsmaphone showed the VALORANT community how to avoid Sova Recon Dart with a Floor is Lava tactic.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, the same company that created the renowned game League of Legends. VALORANT’s core gameplay is based on its agents & their abilities. It’s the agents that command how the game will be played.

In VALORANT, a lot may happen because there are so many abilities and possibilities. Countless players regularly find unique tips and tricks for different Agents, Maps, and abilities that can later be used to create some cool content and highlights.

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Playing Floor is Lava with Sova Recon Dart

Like many other cool tips and tricks, a Reddit user named u/saxsmaphone from r/VALORANT used a 200 IQ Floor is Lava tactic to escape Sova’s Recon Dart. You may want to learn this neat trick as it may win you an important round.

Even after the nerf in Patch 4.08, Sova is still a very powerful Initiator in VALORANT. His Recon Bolt can reveal the opponent’s position if caught in the line of sight. Icebox has some pretty solid lineups for Sova’s Recon Dart.

In this video, the opponent team’s Sova threw a pretty common yet strong Recon Dart lineup that should’ve detected anyone on A site and the left side of rafters, including the Astra on the video. However, he used his jump roping skill to avoid getting detected by the Sova Recon Dart.

He used perfect timing to jump when the Recon Dart’s ping was about to reach him. He used the rafter’s ceiling as an advantage. The opponent Sova was eventually fooled by him, leading to an easy kill. Nonetheless, it is a pretty neat Floor is Lava trick to escape Recon Dart in VALORANT.

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