This Outsourcing Company is Responsible for Making Some of Your Favorite Fortnite Skins

This company called keosMasons is responsible for designing and modeling Fortnite skins. Some of the skins they made are favorites among the Fortnite community.

There are thousands of skins in the popular Battle Royale Fortnite. These skins help players customize their characters in unique ways. many of these skins are so unique and so nicely done that some players end up using them over and over. With new skins coming out very often that is an honor reserved for the most prestigious skins in Fortnite.

Epic games cannot make all of their skins alone. So they sometimes outsource some of the skins tp other companies. Such a company that designs and models skins for Fortnite is called KeosMasons. This company is responsible for designing and modeling a lot of Fortnite skins. Some of the most notable skins made by them are Aura and Ruby. These two skins are used by many pros for their simple design and sleek look.

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KeosMasons is an Outsourcing Company for Character Modeling and Design. They are based in Montreal, Canada. Besides Fortnite, they have also worked in designing skins for Borderlands 3, Apex legends, Paladins, Paragon, ESO(Elder Scrolls Online), and much more. Killjoy from VALORANT is also designed and modeled by them.

KeosMasons is also responsible for the unique designs of the Mythic weapons available in Fortnite STW. Many STW(Save The World) players praised the models of the Mythic Storm King weapons when they came out. You can find out if the skin you like most is made by them by going to this link.

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