The Worlds 2022 Ward Skin – Price, Release Date, and More

New Worlds 2022-themed cosmetics are coming to patch 12.18, including the new Worlds 2022 theme Ward skin.

League of Legends Worlds Championship 2022 is almost upon us. It is an integral part of League of Legends, where every year, the best teams from all around the world compete against each other.

To commemorate this moment, Riot Games releases various cosmetics and items, some of them being skins, icons, wards, etc.

For this year’s event, Riot will add Worlds 2022 Azir skin and Worlds 2022-themed ward skin.

Wards are one of the essential items in League of Legends. It removes the fog of war from the map and grants vision to a team. However, the team is granted vision only for a limited time and can be countered with an Oracle’s Lens.

Players can buy three types of wards: Stealth Ward, Control Ward, and Farsight Ward. And players can also equip skins to them as well. They might not be as popular as champion skin, but they are still suitable for what they are.

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Worlds 2022 Ward skin

This new ward skin looks identical to the New Summoners Cup redesign. The new design is very well done and looks much cleaner than before. It has five handles and the Worlds logo in the middle. In that ward skin, we can also see a couple of extra gift boxes. Most probably, those are also included alongside the skin as well.


Just like all the ward skins before, Worlds 2022 ward skin will cost 640 RP.

Release Date

Worlds 2022 ward skin will be released in patch 12.18, scheduled to hit live servers on Sept 22, 2022.

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