The Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin is Coming to The Fortnite Item Shop(Release Date)

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games/ Gameriv

The Fortnite Rebirth Harley Quinn Skin is coming to the item shop soon.

Fortnite recently collaborated with DC comics to bring the Fortnite Zero Point Comics. In this storyline, Batman somehow finds himself on the Fortnite island and thus begins his journey to find out its secrets.

With the release of this comics series, Epic also introduced free in-game items with each issue of the comics. The Rebirth Harley Quinn skin was the free reward for buying the first issue of the Fortnite Zero Point Comic.

The Rebirth Harley Quinn skin was a sensation among the players due to its exclusivity. Some Fortnite players even bought the rebirth Harley Quinn skin for more than 10+ USD despite the comic being only 5 USD.

At the time of the skin’s release, Epic mentioned that the skin will be coming to the item shop sometime in the future. Seems like that time has finally arrived.

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Rebirth Harley Quinn Item Shop release date:

Fortnite leaker venomLeaks recently announced on his Twitter account that the Rebirth Harley Quinn skin is coming to the item shop with the next shop reset. That means it will be available on June 16th, 2021. The next Fortnite item shop is supposed to reset approximately 9 hours and 30 mins later.

Soon the skin will be available for V-bucks in the Fortnite item shop. The V-bucks price of the skin is currently still unknown but should be around 1200-1500 V-bucks.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.