The Lament Puzzles Solutions in Remnant 2

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The Lamnent Puzzles are a series of challenges inside a dungeon that gives some great rewards in Remnant 2. Here is how to solve each one of them.

Remnant 2 builds upon the franchise’s previous game in every way. In this game, you will get a lot more of what the previous game offered with some twist. This one has a lot more character-building compared to the previous one. Weapons and items have also been greatly expanded.

Another thing that has surged in this game is the puzzles. There are a lot more puzzles in Remnant 2 than in the previous game. And some of them are pretty hard too. Now we have dungeons that are based on puzzles for the players to solve. The Lament is one of them. While you will find some enemies in this area, your main objective is to solve all the puzzles and get the loot.

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The Lament Puzzles in Remnant 2

The lament has a few puzzles and challenges for the players. It mainly has two challenges where you need to dodge some arrows and saw traps. And then, there are two different puzzles you have to solve. So let’s go through one by one to see how to get over each one.

The Arrow Dodging

The arrow dodging is a simple challenge of memorizing the pattern of arrows. However, the arrows will not always come from the front. So make sure to analyze the pattern for the first section. Otherwise, you will get hit from behind, as you cannot see where they are coming from.

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After the first section, you will be able to avoid them hitting you mostly by crouching. But make sure to observe the pattern if you don’t want to get hit by them. The arrow section is fairly simple. If you don’t do anything drastic, you can go through it even if you take a hit or two.

The Dial Symbol Puzzle

After you make your way through the arrow dodge section, you will find yourself in a room full of different dead bodies covered with sheets. The sheets have different symbols on them. If you make your way to the bottom of the area, you will find a notebook that will tell you which symbol is the main one. The symbol in the notebook is random. So it may not match the one shown in this picture. So make sure to check which one you have got.

credit: capcom

After you have seen the symbol, go over to each body and observe which sheet has the symbol indicated on the book. If the symbol of the sheet matches the symbol of the book, note the symbol on the wall. You will need to find four different wall symbols similarly.

Now that you have all the wall symbols in your hand, input them on the dial. It doesn’t matter which order you input them in. As long as you put in all four of the symbols, the door in front of the dial will unlock.

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Random Chance Kolket’s Key

When you go through the door after solving the dial, you will face a random encounter. This will decide if you can unlock the other puzzles or not. If you find an enemy in the room, kill it to get Kolket’s Razor. If the enemy doesn’t spawn after going through the dial door, that means you won’t be able to get the Kolket’s razor and thus be blocked off from unlocking the other doors.

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You can try to come back here in adventure mode to try it again. For this article, let’s assume you got Kolket’s Razor. Inspect it to find a switch at the bottom of the razor. Pressing the switch will transform it into Kolket’s key. Now loot the area and rest at the nearby checkpoint.

Finding Supply Room Key

In the checkpoint room, there is a cave tunnel blocked off by some pots. Break the pots to reveal the path. Get down in the cave, and you will find an artificial waterfall. Under this waterfall is a tunnel that has your supply room key.

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Get in the tunnel to find the supply room key, then head back and explore the area to find the supply room. Once you are inside the supply room, continue forward, and you will end up on the 2nd challenge of the dungeon, the blade dodge.

Blade Dodge in Lament

The most consistent way to dodge the blade is to start early. As soon as the first blade comes out of the ceiling, follow that blade forward. Then you can dodge right and left as necessary. This is the most consistent and easiest way to get through this section.

credit: capcom

Floating Platform Puzzle

This is the final puzzle in this dungeon. Since the layout is randomized, we cannot guide you to the area even if we want to. Keep exploring until you find the area with these floating platforms. Once you are in front of the platform, get out weapon out and shoot the bottom of the platform.

credit: capcom

Even if they look like they are floating, there is actually a hidden pathway connecting them. Shoot and observe as the bullet gets stuck on the hidden pathway. Once you find the hidden pathway, go to the first platform using it.

credit: capcom

Check the symbol on the platform you are standing. Now that you know the symbol, check other platforms with the same symbol. If the other platform has the same symbol you are standing on, that means they are connected with a hidden pathway. You can always check by shooting your weapon at the hidden pathway before you start walking.

This will take you to the final door of the dungeon, and you can unlock the door with Kolket’s key. Unlock the door and claim all the good rewards inside the room.

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