The Guard Reportedly Lays off Every Single one of its Employees

The popular Esports organization, The Guard, has reportedly laid off every employee from its content creation division.

The Guard is an esports organization based in the USA. It was founded back in 2017 by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment to be its esports brand. The org was active in multiple games like Overwatch, VALORANT, Call of Duty, etc.

Recently, some sources indicated that The Guard laid off all its employees. Hearing this news, fans of the org were shocked. But later, we got confirmation from Hunter, a media personality from Guard, that only the Content Creation department got laid off.

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The Guard Layoffs All Employees

Hunter posted on his Twitter account, giving us a little bit of info into the whole situation. Hunter wrote in his Twitter post,

“BREAKING: Layoffs have now hit The Guard as they lay off all of their content, social, talent, and creative teams Sources: myself lmao”

We learned from other sources that the initial news about The Guard firing every single employee was false. The Guard has laid off every single employee from the content, social, talent, and creative teams.

But all the esports teams and players are still in contact with The Guard.

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