The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – All Ending Explained

The Devil in Me is the latest entry in the Dark Picture Anthology Series. Here is everything you need to know about the Ending of it.

The Dark Picture Anthology is an interactive horror game series by Supermassive Games. This is the last entry for season 1 of the series, where you can control five characters at different times of the game. Your goal is to keep everyone alive until the end of the game.

This is a very basic formula with QTE-based gameplay. But the main attraction of the game is the story that is told through these characters. And this time around, we get to face a deadly island filled with saw-inspired traps.

The Devil in Me has a few different endings. You have all five characters you control; then, you will find a dog that can escape if everything goes right. So here is everything you need to know about the Ending of this game.

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The Devil in Me: How to Get All Ending

The game has two separate ending scenes. In one of them, you get on the boat and try to escape from the island; in another, Du’Met lets you go after you complete his task or kills you if you don’t. Which Ending you will get depends on one choice. So here, we will break down each ending path and all the endings you can get on that path.

Ending Path 1: The Ultimatum

You will trigger the ultimatum finale depending on who you have alive near the end of the story. This is the bad ending path of the game. So, unless you mess everything up pretty badly during the gameplay, it is highly unlikely you will get this path.

But if you want to pursue the ultimatum-ending path, you must ensure everyone but Kate and Mark is dead before you reach the lighthouse chapter. You will have to kill Jamie, Charlie, and Erin. Then this path will trigger.

In the Ultimatum chapter, Mark wakes up inside a cell with a telephone. And Kate will be strapped to an acid pipe going through her nose. You need to call and invite the following guests to the island to save kate. The ultimatum path has two separate endings.

  • Ultimatum Ending 1: If you agree to call and invite the following family of guests to the island, Du’met will let both of you live and leave using the ferry that carried the guests. However, after going to the middle of the sea, the ferry turns back toward the island, and Du’met snipes both characters and kills them.
  • Ultimatum Ending 2: If you don’t agree to call the guests or agree to call but retaliate after that, Du’met will release the acid and kill Kate on the spot. Then he will release a gas that you will off Mark. There is no happy ending in this path.

Ending Path 2: Battle on Boat

This is the main ending path of the game. When you reach the lighthouse chapter, if you don’t have only Mark and Kate as survivors, this path will trigger. Alternatively, this path will also trigger if you only have one survivor among Mark and Kate. This is the path that will get the best endings in the game.

After you get onto the boat, Du’met will catch up to the survivors and get up on the boat. In there, you will have to complete a pretty long QTE sequence. If you have all the characters alive up to this point, each character will get their own QTE. If you don’t have a character, the QTE sequence of that character will get skipped.

And depending on your QTE and choices in this section, different characters will survive the battle on the boat. But in general, you want to jump in the water to save your characters. The Ending of the sequence shows the survivors calling for help from a trucker on the highway. Depending on who made it out alive, the last scene will show some character interaction, but the basic scene stays the same.

The Devil in Me: Ending Explained

If you choose or find yourself on the Ultimatum path, the world will never get to know the horrifying experience your characters have gone through. And the cycle of violence will continue. In the post-credit scene, we see a new family has been chosen for a vacation to Du’met island. This scene signals the unbreaking cycle of the game.

But if you have finished the game through the battle on boat sequence. It seemed Du’met died in the explosion of the boat at the end of the sequence. However, we see his mask gets picked up by someone off-camera.

This can be a nod to the saw franchise, where even after the death of the original saw, his survivors pick up his work. The same can happen in this game too. Or since we don’t get to see the body either, this can simply mean Du’met hasn’t died in the explosion and continuing his work.

Either way, we get the scene where a new guest has been invited to Du’met island. Thus, the cycle continues no matter what the characters do and what path we finish the game in.

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