The Crew Motorfest: Top 10 Best Cars

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower

Getting confused about which car to choose out of all the brilliant ones? Don’t worry; we will show you the top 10 Best Cars at Motrofest through this guide.

The Crew Motorfest is the latest racing video game where you can get into a race in the region of Hawaii and get to the finish line full of thrills. Motorfest can also be played with online friends who will act as “crews.” Moreover, while players roam around the festival city in Hawaii, different types of events will concur for entry.

Not only can you get into cars and start racing, but also players can control other vehicles like boats and even planes. There are 15 different playlists to choose from, and each playlist contains an exclusive theme; for example, Supercar Blondie, Donut Media collaborated with Vintage or Lamborghini cars. Now, talking about cars, in the Crew Motorfest, there are a huge number of vehicles, but we will tell about the best 10 cars out of all the cool beauties in the game.

Top 10 Best Cars in The Crew Motorfest

The Top 10 best cars in Crew Motorfest are shown below;

10. Proto 2018 Alpha Mark II

  • BHP: 800
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $583,800 or 83,400 CC

It is a USA-based car, and it has a performance rating of 774/990. This card can max out speed in no time and help you win your game in a second!

09. Proto 2023 Concept Pulse Performance

  • BHP: 800
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $842,100 or 120,300 CC

This car has a performance rating of 776/990, and it’s origin is in France. This Alpha GT has better handling power than the previous one, but only a slight level.

08. Proto 2023 Concept Glow Motorsport

  • BHP: 800
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $699,300 or 99,990 CC

The Glow Motorsport’s performance rating is 777/990, and it’s origin is also France. The looks of this beauty catch any eye with style.

07. Red Bull 2018 RB14 Disruption Edition

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: >340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $1,001,000 or 143,000 CC

The Red Bull RB14 Disruption Edition is a real beast with a performance level of 786/990, and it’s origin is the UK. The speed limit and BHP make it a whole lot stronger and faster to race with other supercars.

06. Red Bull 2018 RB14

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: >340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $ 711,200 or 101,600 CC

The Red Bull is a slightly better version of the previous Disruption Model with a performance level of 786/990 and is originally from the UK. Gamers who love a fiery style may love it. Apart from the looks, all the other ratings are the same.

05. Creators 2023 Concept Spruemeister SM71

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: 340 km/h

This Alpha GP (USA Origin) can only be earned in your collection if you have The Crew 2 previously. From The Crew 2, you can import it to The Crew Motorfest.

04. Proto 2023 Alpha Mark X GP Explorer Edition

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: Not Available

Now, in one of the top 5 beasts, The Alpha Mark X GP Explorer Edition is placed. It has a whole lot better performance by 788/990, and the origin is France. The looks and power of this gorgeous car are like no other.

03. Proto 2020 Alpha Mark X

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: $1,072,400 or 153,200 CC

This beauty is from France with a performance level of 788/990. It is the highest-rated Proto vehicle out of all the other cars in The Crew Motorfest.

02. Ivory Tower 2023 IVT AGP R-07

  • BHP: 900
  • Speed: 340 km/h
  • Unlock Cost: 800,000 Bucks or 114,300 CC

This Ivory has features like no other. It’s a dream car for every racer. It has a performance level of 795/990, and it is originally from France.

01. Red Bull 2022 R18

BHP: –
Speed: –
Unlock Cost: MOTORSPORTS Playlist Reward

No wonder that this Red Bull 2022R18 got the 1st position in The Crew Motorfest. It originated from the UK with a performance level of 799/990. The tuning, modifications, and immense power make it the top car in all these tens.

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