A Teemo Main Breaks Highest Mastery Points Record with Staggering 20 Million Mastery Points

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

A player has just surpassed the Million Mastery Points on Teemo.

Teemo is one of League of Legends‘ earlier champions. He was released back in 2009 when the game was still in its infancy. Teemo, while being over a decade old, is still one of the most notorious champions in the game. However, a certain magical cat in a book has usurped his previous notoriety. Despite his notoriety being surpassed, Teemo still is a very popular champion. Many players enjoy his playful and mischievous personality and spend hundreds of hours playing the character.

One such player goes by the name of “LeagueofLegends” and yes, his name is literally the name of the game. He currently has over 20 million mastery Points on Teemo alone, making him the highest mastery Points holder on a single champion.

For those unfamiliar with Mastery Points, these are a way for players to show off their proficiency with a specific champion. As a player uses a champion more and more, they earn mastery points that are displayed on their profile.

The previous record holder of the record is “GeT CoN TRollED,” a Heimerdinger with a little over 19 Million Mastery points, a million mastery points less than the current one.

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Twenty Million Mastery Points Teemo

Image Credits: leagueofgraphs.com

As mentioned before, the name of the player is “LeagueofLegends.” He plays in the League of Legends Vietnam server. The number of games he needed to play to achieve such high mastery points is unknown. Because Garena handled the Vietnam server before 2023, there is no external way to look at his games from the previous seasons.

He currently has 800+ games on Teemo this season alone. Also, his account level is 2184. He must’ve played over ten thousand games to get to this stage. The amount of time and dedication needed to play so many games is frankly insane.

How does anyone play so many games of a single champion? Well, it’s hard to say. You are better off asking “LeagueofLegends” personally. That said, he does change up his build from time to time.

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