Tales of Arise: How to Find Astral Crystal Grain

While playing Tales of Arise, picking up materials that help you upgrade your items can be very useful. Finding these materials, especially early on in the game, can give you a significant boost. So we have made a complete guide on how you can find the Astral Crystal Grain in Tales of Arise.

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How to find Astral Crystal Grain in Tales of Arise:

The first step in finding the location of Astral Crystal Grain in Tales of Arise is to travel to the Glanymede Castle. You can reach the area Trench of Flames by taking the elevator in Kyrd Garrison. Go straight ahead, then take a right. Follow the tracks until you reach the Gates of Fire region and then make a semicircle to the northwest and enter East Side. Walk down the left-hand ladders and across the pipes to the entrance. As you follow this path, it leads to the is the castle’s doorway.

Make your way to the fourth floor once you’ve entered the castle. It is simple to do: look at your map to see where the stairs to the next floor are located and keep going up until you reach the fourth floor, which is also the castle’s peak. After you are up there, reopen the map and search for the small square chamber in the south. Open the vast blue chest in the centre of the room to find two Astral Crystal Grains.

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