Stopwatch Rune Replaced with Triple Tonic in League of Legends

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The good old ‘perfect timing’ keystone from inspiration tree will be replaced with the new Triple Tonic, so no more free stopwatch.

Each day we are moving closer and closer to the season 2024 of League of Legends. Already Riot has declared massive updates for the upcoming season. New map structure, Removal of mythic items and addition of new ones, Void objectives, 3 baron variants– the list goes on and on.

Practically speaking, every aspect of the game is a subject of change in the new season. Some changes are bigger than others. So it’s not surprising to see a change in the runes as well. This may look pale in comparison to the other big changes mentioned before, but it’s still huge. Because ‘Perfect Timing’ keystone which gives you a free stopwatch after a certain time has passed in-game, is about to be replaced.

And this has huge implications for mage champions, including some bot lane supports. The new keystone to replace it is named ‘Triple Tonic’ with a different utility. In this article, I will shed light on that.

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Stopwatch Rune to be removed

Image Credit: Riot games

Perfect Timing is one of the most selected keystones among all runes. A stopwatch usually costs 750g. With this rune, you could get it for free. In a game where every microsecond can make a world of difference, getting such a valuable item for free gives you a tremendous advantage. This is why it’s been so popular to date.

But because of that overwhelming value from a single keystone, Riot realized how it’s so overused. That’s why they decided to balance it out with a more subdued keystone.

Introducing Triple Tonic

Enter Triple Tonic, the new keystone in League of Legends. This will be under the inspiration tree.

This new keystone basically gives you 3 different elixir items after a certain XP level has been reached. It’s similar to the biscuits and magical footwear keystones of the same tree. But instead of boots and consumables, it gives you elixirs. Each elixir serves a different purpose and is consumable.

Elixir of Avarice

Image Credit: Riot games

This elixir is received after your champion reaches level 3. When your champion consumes it, it gets 5 true damage on hit against minions for 1 minute. After this expires, you get 40 gold for free. So, it is going to be of great help in laning phase. Champions like Kayle and LeBlanc will be hugely benefited due to their bad wave clear early on.

Elixir of Force

image credit: Riot games

Elixir of Force is receivable after you hit level 6. This gives you 20 bonus Adaptive Force for 1 minute upon consumption. So, it will give you a temporary boost in either AD or AP (whatever best suits your champion). This can prove quite useful in skirmishes during early Drake fights and objective contests.

Elixir of Skill

image credit: Riot games

This is not a new one if you have been playing the game for a while. Riot removed this from the game back in patch 9.23. Well, it had to be because it’s kinda OP. It gives you free skill points to upgrade any non-ultimate skills. But the game has changed a lot since season 2019, so maybe it will fit right in with the current meta.

When will this change be live?

All the new changes, along with the replacement of the Stopwatch rune, will be live from Patch 14.1, scheduled to be released in early January 2024.

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