Stockpile These Top Resources in LEGO Fortnite for the Ultimate Survival

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Make sure you are stacking these resources!

LEGO Fortnite has brought a new spin to sandbox survivals. Like its spiritual predecessors, the game requires you to start a life from scratch by collecting, resourcing, and building. That is, you will have to search and stockpile the right resources and use them to ensure your survival. Whether you are just starting the game or deep into it, the thing that matters most is ensuring the supply of the right resources.

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Lego Fortnite has a sea of resources, each serving separate uses. And you will need each one of them at some point. Also, you will unlock most of the resources early in the game. So what you need is to have an idea about which resources are the most important and need to be stockpiled. So, without any further ado, jump into our list to find out the LEGO Fortnite: Top Best Resources you should Stockpile.

LEGO Fortnite: Top Best Resources To Stockpile

LEGO Fortnite Top Best Resources you should Stockpile
Image Credit: Epic Games

There is an array of resources available in LEGO Fortnite, and you will need each of them in one way or another. Out of all of them, make sure you stockpile the mentioned resources:

5. Bones

LEGO Fortnite Top Best Resources you should Stockpile
Image Credit: Epic Games

Bones are essential resources in Lego Fortnite and come in handy in the later parts of the game. In particular, Cursed bones are used to craft powerful gears and charms. Getting this bone will unlock the recipes for two charms: Charm of Resilience and Regeneration Charm.

You will get the normal bones from killing Pirate Skeletons. As for the Cursed Bones, you will have to go to the Frostland bione. However, you will have to kill Cursed Wolves in Frostland caves to get their bones as drops.

4. Roller Shells

LEGO Fortnite Top Best Resources you should Stockpile
Image Credit: Epic Games

Roller shells are needed to upgrade your crafting bench, which you need almost every time in the game. Moreover, you will find Roller Shells are in Rollers as drops. Rollers are a kind of crab with shells that are found in plain lands. They have rolling attacks that can cause good damage, so deal with them patiently.

3. Wolf Claws

How to get Wolf Claws in Lego Fortnite
Image Credit: Epic games

You will need wolf claws to craft spinning wheels, which are used to craft clothes. Killing wolves will give you wolf claws as drops. You will find them in forest biome in grassy or densely wooded areas. Pack yourself some strong pickaxes and shortswords before you go hunting one.

2. Marble and Knotwood

Marble and Knotwood are some of the best resources to stockpile because of their variety of uses. Collecting Knotwood will unlock various new items, whereas you will need marble for Stonebreaker. Using Knotwood, you will craft pickaxes and longswords. So you should know by now the importance of these resources.

However, you will find both of these resources in the Grassland caves at the walls and ceilings. Take an uncommon pickaxe to break the ores and roots to get the resources.

1. Copper and Obsidian

LEGO Fortnite Top Best Resources you should Stockpile
Image Credit: Epic Games

Hands down, Copper and Obsidian are the best resources to stockpile in Lego FortniteFrom crafting swords to ovens, you will need copper everywhere. Even though the same can be said about Obsedians, you will need them in crafting arrays of items. 

As for finding them, the task is pretty easy. You just have to go to a Dry Valley cave in a desert Biome. There, you will find their ores by the cave ceilings or walls. Take a few rare Blue Pickaxes with you to break the ores.

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