Starfield: Where to Find Argon

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Argon isn’t running out this time, for sure!

Starfield is all about research, craft, building, and hitting your full potential to progress through the main story. The massive open-world space exploration game offers players a variety of ways to upgrade their characters. And in this gradual process of research and building, the presence of resources is a must. Without a sufficient supply of resources, players are stuck and get nowhere.

One such vital resource in the game is Argon (Ar). This gaseous resource is found in Argon vents on planet and moon surfaces throughout the Settled Systems. Argon is required for the research and crafting of items in Starfield.

However, finding and collecting the resource may pose a difficult task for many. The Argon Vents are poisonous and can inflict damage on players if they come too close. Also, harvesting the gas can be confusing. So, this guide will provide players with Argon Locations in Starfield and help them with ways to harvest or farm the gas.

Argon Location in Starfield

Starfield: Argon location
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Argon (Ar) is found on the surfaces of a list of planets and moons in the Settled Systems. The best planets to harvest or farm Argon are Nira (Narion), Porrima V-a (Porrima), Vectera (Narion), Kreet (Narion), Umbriel (Sol), Jemison (Alpha Centauri), Chawla (Alpha Centauri), Enceladus (Sol System), and Akila (Cheyenne). Also, Argon can be purchased from shops and vendors in major cities, preferably in Jemison Mercantile (Jemison), Denis Averin (Mars), and the UC Distribution Center (Jemison).

How To Farm Argon

Harvesting Argon is an easy task that can be done without causing much damage. Players first need to opt for a suitable planet for harvesting. Going through different solar systems, players can search for the presence of the resource on planets and moons by scanning.

After choosing a planet, land on it and search for Argon Vents using the Hand Scanner. For Harvesting the Argon, players have to keep getting close to the vent until an option saying “Harvest” appears. After clicking the option, players will have to harvest the resource and move away quickly to avoid taking damage.

Farming Argon can ensure a constant resource supply for the players. After finding an Argon vent, players need to put out an Outpost Beacon. Then, they’ll need to put an Extractor at the vent, which will then start mining the resource.

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