Starfield: Top 6 Best Outpost Locations

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Here are the best outpost locations to get the best resources in Starfield.

Bethesda Games’ newest space exploration game, Starfield, has received a positive response from the fans of RPGs. The game offers a vast universe with thousands of planets for the players to explore. These planets consist of their stars and satellites. All these planets and stars have a lot of resources for the players to collect. These resources can be vital for the players throughout the story. The players can craft several items using the collected resources from these planets to make their space journey easier.

In Starfield, the players can build their outposts on several planets. These outposts act as a base on that specific planet, helping the players collect, explore, and store resources from these planets. If the players find any planet with abundant resources that they cannot collect in one go, it might be wise to create an outpost on that planet so that they can go back anytime to collect these resources to craft items. In this guide, we will take a look at the best outpost locations in Starfield to get the best resources early in the game.

Top 6 Best Outpost Locations in Starfield

6. Katydid III

katydid iii
Credits: Bethesda Games

Katydid III is another planet with some rare resources underneath its surface. The planet is located in the Katydid system. Water, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Lead, Beryllium, Silver, and Indicite can be found. Katydid III is the only planet where you can get Indicite.

5. Zamka

Credits: Bethesda Games

Zamka is a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, the same as Jemison. This planet can have a significant amount of resources that can be helpful in the early stages of the game. It has an abundance of Nickel and Copper, two of Starfield’s most essential resources for crafting items. You can also find Water, Helium-3, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium in Zamka.

4. Andraphon

Credits: Bethesda Games

Andraphon is the moon of the planet Sumati, which is located in the Narion system. It has no sign of life, as there is no atmosphere or magnetosphere. However, the moon has plenty of resources that can be vital for the players, especially at the beginning of the game. Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Beryllium, and Europium are plentiful in Andraphon.

3. Jemison

Credits: Bethesda Games

The Jemison is the home of the United Colonies. It’s an Earth-like planet that plays a big part in the storyline of Starfield. Jemison is situated in the Alpha Centauri system. You’ve probably already come across this planet since it’s the first one you will have to fly to in Starfield. The planet has abundant resources like Water, Lead, Chlorine, Argon, and Chlorosilanes.

2. Schrodinger II

schrodinger ii
Credits: Bethesda Games

Schrodinger II is the only planet where the players can mine the super-rare Aldumite. The planet is filled with other resources as well. Aside from Aldumite, the players can also find Chlorine, Lead, Uranium, Chlorosilanes, Tungsten, Titanium, and Plutonium on the planet. The planet is located in the Schrodinger System. All the other planets and moons in the system also have abundant resources for the players to extract.

1. Maheo II

maheo ii
Credits: Bethesda Games

Maheo II, located in the Maheo System, is filled with resources that can be super helpful. It has more than one rare resource that can only be mined on this planet. Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, and Alkanes are on the planet. Apart from these, you will find two of the rarest resources in the game in Maheo II: Tetrafluorides and Ytterbium.

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