Stardew Valley: All Universally-Loved Gifts and Where to Find Them

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Find all Universally-Loved Gifts and befriend anybody!

Stardew Village has a relationship-building system that is an integral part of the gameplay. You will have to befriend the villagers; otherwise, you are just missing out on valuable gifts and recipes. Your bonding with a villager entirely depends on the type of gift you send them. And if you can send them the gift items they love, you will acquire the highest amount of friendship points. While every one of the folks of the valley has separate preferences, there are some common items they all love.

And those are called Universally-Loved Gifts or, more simply put, the Universal Loves. These items may seem like a problem solver, but finding them can be a hard task. They are rare, so you may not even know about them. So, delve into this guide to learn about All Universally-Loved Gifts and Where to Find Them in Stardew Valley.

Universally-Loved Gifts and their Locations in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley: All Universally-Loved Gifts and Where to Find Them
Image Credit: ConcernedApe

Golden Pumpkin

Golden Pumpkin can be acquired in two ways. The easiest one involves completing a maze, which then yields the item as a prize. You will get to participate in this maze during the Spirit’s Eve event of Stardew Village. The item can sometimes also be found in Artifact Troves.

Magic Rock Candy

You can get your hands on the Magic Rock Candy in three ways. The first one includes going to a Desert Trader on Thursdays and trading three Prismatic Shards. In return, he will offer a Magic Rock Candy. Also, you can receive a candy as a reward if you donate 90 items to the Museum. And in the last process, you may get one as a drop if you kill a Haunted Skull.


Pearls are obtainable through a number of ways-

  • Use a Curiosity Lure, then go fishing in the submarine during the Night Market.
  • Fill Fish Pond with 10 Crabs, and after finishing, acquire your pearl from Willy.
  • You will get a pearl after solving the Journal Scrap 6 present on Ginger Island.
  • Go to the Night Market and solve the puzzle at the Mermaid Show. 
  • Put nine Blobfish in a Fish Pond. You may get a pearl.
  • After the Shrine of Challenge, you can forge Pearls.

Prismatic Shard

Fishing treasure chests is the best and easiest way to get your hands on Prismatic Shards. You may also get one after breaking a Mystic Stone. Also, you can get a shard in the treasure rooms in Skull Cavern. After breaking an Omni Geodes, getting a Shard is possible.

Rabbit’s Foot

You can get a Rabit’s foot in two possible ways. The first way includes befriending the Rabbit and feeding it properly. You will have to build a good relationship with it; only then will it possibly drop Rabbit’s foots. They are also sold in the Traveling Cart.

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