Stardew Valley: How to Finish Every Qi Challenge

Samia Awal Moon
By Samia Awal Moon
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How to Finish Every Qi Challenge in Stardew Valley

Want to get rare Qi Gems? Here is how to finish every Qi challenge and get your hands on those sweet Qi Gems.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that is very popular worldwide. From 2016 to now, no other farming game could replace this successful, fun game. In this game, you can build various crop and animal farms. Those farms can provide you with valuable resources. The story of this game is relatively short and more task-based. You can keep playing the game even after the story ends. The game keeps adding more content for older players. The game offers different challenges and achievements to complete, besides farming. Those challenges will also give you rare rewards, such as gems and ingredients.

Qi’s challenges are one of the best challenges to get rare items. Mr Qi, a powerful man in the Stardew Valley universe, will give you these challenges. If you complete the challenges, he will reward you with Qi Gems. Later, you can use those gems to buy rare items and resources to enhance your gameplay. Here is how to finish all of the ten Qi challenges.

How to Finish Every Qi Challenge in Stardew Valley

Qi’s Crop

This one is the longest of all the quests, as you need to collect 500 hidden beans within a 14-day time limit. First, you must find the Qi beans and grow them into plants. Many methods, such as fishing, cutting trees, gathering geodes, opening treasure troves, and opening artifact spots, can grant you Qi Beans.

Once you collect Qi beans, growing them into plants usually will take four days. You can speed up the process by using different levels of speed growth. However, Seed Maker is the best way to get the maximum beans quickly. This mission is quite complicated, but it is the most rewarding one.

Let’s Play a Game

This one will tell you to score 50,000 points in Junimo Kart’s endless mode. It will take a lot of practice to complete the hard task. Practicing and memorizing the game mode mechanics will help you. Don’t think about time and prioritize living over collecting fruits.

Four Precious Stones

This mission is very simple. You need to collect four Prismatic Shards and donate them. You can collect them from mining iridium and in Skull Cavern. The quests will allow you to donate the Shards you had before accepting the quest. So you can take the quest when you have the shards ready.

Qi’s Hungry Challenge

You have to reach the level 100 without eating or drinking anything. The vampirism enchantment for your weapon of choice would benefit you on this challenge. It will regain ten percent of the enemy’s maximum health. The Vampire Ring and the Soul Sapper Ring will also restore some health and energy. This will help you stay alive while you are going down. Sometimes, the big slimes carry heart within them. It is a free way to restore some health.

Skull Cavern Invasion

It follows the same challenge as the Hungry one, you have to reach level 100, but now the Skull Cavern’s monsters are more powerful. You can bring more staircases and food items to boost your health on this challenge. Your survival is the main priority here, so fight and use your resources precisely.

Qi’s Cuisine

This task requires you to ship a hundred thousand gold worth of freshly cooked items. The best way to complete this quest is to buy or harvest coffee beans and make the triple-shot expresso. Later, sell these and earn the gold.

Qi’s Kindness

You have a week time period to give 50 loved gifts. It will help if you have a spouse. You can give them a loved item every single day. You can also provide gifts to different villagers. Golden pumpkins, Magic rock candy, pearls, and rabbit’s foot are some of the favorite loved gifts by the villagers.

Extended Family

You have to catch all of the legendary fish. Fishes are available in any season. But you need to have level 10 fishing skill to be able to capture the fish. Iridium Rod with regular bait and trap bobber will slow down the meter, and the Cork bobber makes the bar larger. The Curiosity Lure will increase the chance of getting legendary fish.

Danger In The Deep

This is the harder version of the Skull Cavern Invasion. The enemies are even extreme to fight with. There are way more obstacles that may slow you down. Bring ginger to remove debuffs, and use staircases to simplify the quest. Make sure to bring healing items to help you with the task.

Qi’s Prismatic Grange

You need a hundred items of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Many items you can use are incredibly easy to collect and buy. Red includes coral from the beach, fire quartz, and magma geodes from the mines. You can use cinder shards, earth crystals, or spice berries for oranges. Sap is the easiest one for yellow items. For green items, fiber, and cactus fruit will work. You can collect broken CDs, glasses, and clams for blue items. Lastly, for purple, you can use refined quartz, Iridium ore, and bug meat; if you want to farm, eggplant is the cheapest option.

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