Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Recruit The Jawas

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Recruit Jawas

Learn all the steps to recruit the little robe-wearing Jawas in your team in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the latest addition to the famous Star Wars game franchise. Developed by Respawn Studios, the game includes a lot from the original Star Wars series and movies. Additionally, the game just recently dropped, with many exciting adaptations from the films and series.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor includes a lot of exciting tasks for the players to complete apart from the main storyline. One of the most exciting of them is the recruitment of Jawas, the one-meter-tall furry humanoids.

Recruiting a Jawa can be a challenging task for the players as they are harder to find compared to Mosey, Turgle, or other beings that you can recruit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Jawas are unlocked in the later stages of the game, so you cannot find them until you have finished your third visit to Koboh.

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What are Jawas in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Jawas are small creatures, one meter in height, and weigh 30 kg. Jawas have black skin and hair color, and also different eye colors like Yellow, Orange, and Red. Jawas can mostly be found around the Desert areas of the Outer Rim.

These creatures hide their bodies under heavy robes and are much known for being passionate scavengers. They mainly speak in the Jawaese language, which is impossible to understand by other species.

However, Jawas use Jawas Trade Talk to communicate with other species. All these descriptions are enough to identify a Jawa when you spot them around the deserts.

How To Recruit The Jawas

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jawa and Cal Conversation

Before trying to recruit Jawas, you must unlock two specific abilities- Air Dash and Upgraded Ascension Cable. Without these abilities, it would be impossible for anyone to find and recruit a Jawa.

Once you have acquired these abilities, go to the Bygone Settlement, where you will start your quest for recruiting a Jawa. After reaching the Bygone Settlement, find Pyloon’s Saloon, where you will find an NPC. Talking to the NPC will activate the Check on Jawa Settlement side quest.

Once the quest starts, follow the given steps to recruit a Jawa:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bygone Settlement
Gamers Heroes
  • Go to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point.
  • Jump on the wall on your right side and reach the ceiling to climb it.
  • Keep hanging on the ceiling and proceed towards the platform in front of you with two Bedlam Raiders. Clear out the enemies on the bridge.
  • You will find a wall in front of you. Use Force to move that wall a bit. Climb the wall and jump to the platform in front.
  • Use the double jump and Air Dash ability to jump from one platform to another.
  • While dashing, you will come near an air vent in a building. Continue dashing through the platforms in front until you reach a large platform.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor air vent wall jump
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  • Climb around the platform, and you will find some Bedlam Raiders in the building. Finish the enemies. At this stage, you will find a Jawa who will pull down a box for you.
  • Climb the box and continue to climb further to the wall on the right side.
  • Climb the box next to you and use Force to pull another one.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor second wall pull
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  • Jump on the box and again use Force to position the other box. Repeat this until you find a wall on the other side.
  • Continue through the wall, and you will find a pulley with a zipline.
  • Cut the zipline, and you will find some Raiders attacking the Jawas. Defeat the Raiders.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor zipline
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  • Talk to the Jawas and recruit them.

This is the detailed process to recruit Jawas in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and increase the strength of your team. Jawas will come in handy for you in finishing a lot of tasks throughout your game. You can also recruit more powerful Jawas if you come across them. However, recruiting more powerful Jawas can be a bit tougher for the players.

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