Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Ending Explained

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Ending Explained

Get a full overview and explanation of how Cal Kestis is taking the ending of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

By this time, I assume that you have reached your final destination and cannot figure out some burning questions that include what-how-why. No need to worry as I tried to assemble a more or less logical explanation that can more or less lessen your craving for the final moments in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

We will discuss the endings, the choices, the consequences, and the future of Cal Kestis. Moreover, where is this franchise heading, and can we hope for an extended story? From the classic gaming McGuffin to the fate of the Mantis crew, we have all the details on this exciting continuation of Jedi Cal Kestis’ adventures.

So, buckle up and get ready for some twists and turns as we explore the final moments of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. And very obvious advice, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Ending

The Fallen Knight

Cal and Bode Akuna come face to face with a formidable foe, a former Jedi Knight, Dagan Gera. Seems like turning to the dark side has blessed him with some pretty intensive saber skills, added to the skills which he already possessed. Despite his mental manipulation and ability to grow back an arm, Cal and Bode manage to come out on top in the end.

In the ending scene, Dagan is given the warrior’s death. Personally, it felt like a waste as it had some potential to serve in the upcoming series of the Star Wars franchise if there are any plans for it.

The showdown takes place in an observatory above the mountains of the planet Koboh. Here, Dagan hoped to establish his vision of a new Jedi Order. With the final compass broken, Cal and Bode are now set to find Jedi Master Eno Cordova on Jedha for a chance at repairing it.

From Jedi To Judas: A Dark Turn

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Ending Explained

Cal and his friends celebrate the successful repair of the compass. However, the Imperial Force felt cute and thought of paying a sudden visit there. And by taking advantage of this chaos, our family-friendly Bode, who turns out to be a former Jedi, betrays the group, kills Master Cordova, steals the compass, and nearly kills Cal and Cere. The gut of this man!

Upon more observation, it comes out that Bode was also a member of a Jedi spy group during the Clone Wars and is actually working for the Empire. His actions were motivated by his desire to keep his daughter alive. And to do that, he joined the Empire, and with the return of that Empire should keep both of them safe. However, Bode double-crosses both Cal and the Empire.

He plans to hide in Tanalorr and build a safe base for himself and his daughter. Now, as he steals the compass and runs away, Cal and Merrin try other ways to reach him. They somehow end up discovering a secret message that was from Santari Khri. This glimmer of hope finally revealed another way to reach Tanalorr by using a secret path. And finally, they catch up to Bode.

However, upon confrontation, stubborn Bode refuses to compromise. As there seemed constant escalation of the conflict, a fight finally breaks out between Cal and Bode. Even with Merrin’s help, Cal had quite a tough time standing against another Jedi. And to secure the victory, Cal finally opens up the power of the Dark Side once again to overcome Bode.

Even at the ending hour, Bode clings to his beliefs. This ultimately leaves Cal with no choice but to execute our family-friendly Bode with his own Blaster.

The Dark Knight

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Ending Explained

Let’s back up a little bit on Jedha. As Bode has already betrayed and runs off with the compass, Cal tries to keep up on his trail. In the meantime, Cere and Merrin face off against the Imperial forces in a bid to allow the Anchorites to evacuate their hidden base. However, Cere soon realizes that the Hidden Path’s communication codes are in danger of falling into the hands of the Empire. To retrieve those, she heads back to the archive room.

All of a sudden, she realizes who is leading this unannounced assault. To prove that she is right, the Dark Knight gives a majestic entrance. Seems like the Sith Lord led this assault to avenge the Stinger Mantis crew’s infiltration of Fortress Inquisitorius.

Despite a valiant effort, Cere ultimately falls in battle, which leaves a piercing injury. However, Darth Vader seems to have felt quite a fatal blow on himself as he walks out. In the later sequences, after the encounter with Bode, Cere’s body is discovered by Cal in the destroyed archive. It was a tragic loss for the team as they mourned the loss of a dear friend and mentor. Moreover, a death the fans expected that could have been avoided.

Dawn of Dark

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Ending Explained

In the whole Star Wars Jedi Survivor till the ending, we have observed Cal battling both the Empire and his inner demons, he teeters on the edge of darkness. This, from time to time, flashes his signs of embracing the power of the dark side. His execution of Bode raises the real concerns. However, it is up to the next installment of the Star Wars franchise if there are any plans to do so. Until then, we can believe his “certain” responsibilities may stand against his resist the pull of the Sith.

Despite the hope for a new Jedi sanctuary on Tanalorr, the threat of Vader still looms. This eventually reminds us that Cal and his companion’s fight is far from over.

The Epilogue

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Ending Explained

The Mantis crew mourns the loss of their loved ones and the loyal droids. Cal, Merrin, Greez, and BD-1 witness the traditional Jedi funeral pyre burning for Cere, Cordova, and Bode on Tanalorr. As they bid their final goodbyes, we see a vision of Cere appearing to Cal through the Force. The phantom leaves him with his new responsibilities.

While Cal still grieves, he finds solace in honoring Cere’s last wish. It’s a testament to their strength and resilience that they continue to fight for their beliefs, even in the face of loss and uncertainty.

However, the ending gameplay of Star Wars Jedi Survivor will allow you to continue exploring the galaxy, taking on side missions, and hunting bounty hunters while Greez sets up a base on Tanalorr. And I personally wanted some final scenes between Cal and Merrin. Well, there is enough space in the room for the advancement of the plot. It’s your move, Respawn Ent.

No EA, I do not need a DLC for the love plot for an additional 39.99. Prosst!

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