Splatoon 3: All Story Mode Missions & Levels

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All the Story Mode missions are in different levels of Splatoon 3. All of them have their own kind of thrill. In this guide, players can learn about all the missions and levels of the game.

Splatoon 3 is the most recent game in the Splatoon series. The narrative opens the game. In the multiplayer PvP mode, you can play alone or alongside other players. Various resources like Golden EggsCashFood Tickets, etc., are essential in the game to win. There are also Story Mode missions and levels.

Players need to know about the levels and the Story Mode to complete the game with total thrill. This game contains 74 Levels in Story Mode. Players can play these levels solo or with their friends in Multiplayer mode.

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All Story Mode Missions & Levels

There are, in total, 74 Story Modes Missions. All these levels are included in Kettles. Story Mode’s whole game should be completed in 8-12 hours.

All the Story Mode Missions are listed down below:


The Crater

  1. The Crater – Camp Cuttle
  2. Octarians in the Crater? YIKES!
  3. Sink into the Ink and SWIM!
  4. Boxes Locked! Keys, Please!
  5. What Are They? Can We Stop Them?
  6. DJ Octavio: Boss Battle


Site 1: Future Utopia Island

  1. Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice
  2. Octopods at Rest Tend to FLIP OUT!
  3. Splat You on the Flip Side
  4. Doors, Doors, Doors! And More! (Doors)
  5. Relic Restoration
  6. Zip, Splat, and Jump
  7. Become One with Your Smallfry
  8. What Caused the Big Bang? YOU!
  9. The String’s the Thing
  10. Deadly Dance Hall – Jump, Jump!

Site 2: Cozy and Safe Factory

  1. Twirling, Swirling, Whirling
  2. Absorbency and You
  3. Soak It to Me!
  4. Splitting Crosshairs
  5. Tread Heavily
  6. Getting Lost in Three Easy Steps
  7. The Ink-Conservation Project
  8. Switching Things Up
  9. The Future Stares Back- Boss Battle

Site 3: Cryogenic Hopetown

  1. Climbing the Corporate Splatter
  2. They Said We’d Have Flying Cars, and We Do! Kind of!
  3. Ink Wheels-Experience Tomorrow’s Technology Today
  4. Try Curling! Alterna’s 11th Most Popular Athleisure Activity
  5. Conveyor-Belt Tightening
  6. Time Trial and Errors
  7. Rail Pass

Site 4: Landfill Dreamland

  1. Propelled to Greatness
  2. Octohoppers Don’t Have a Sense of Humor (and They Hate Puns)!
  3. Let’s Put a Pin in That
  4. Splash the Block Party
  5. Amusing a Bemused Muse
  6. Those Aren’t Birds
  7. Charge Now, Splat Later
  8. Easy Ride, Tricky Targets
  9. Flying Worst Class
  10. Ink Fast, Hotshot
  11. Stamp ‘Em Out
  12. The Path to Perfect Penmenship
  13. The Pursuit of the Precious- Boss Battle

Site 5: Eco-Forest Treehills

  1. Trouble Round Every Corner
  2. The Upside to Enemy Backsides
  3. Uh-Oh! Too Many Snipers!
  4. Barriers! They’ve Got You Covered
  5. A Compulsive Collector’s Paradise
  6. Zipping Over the Neighborhood
  7. One-Way Ride Through Target Town
  8. Making Waves with Splashdowns
  9. Low Viz, High Risk
  10. Shooter on Rails
  11. Simply Ziptastic!
  12. You’ll Go Far If You Shoot Far
  13. Learn to Reflect, and This One Is in the Bank

Site 6: Happiness Research Lab

  1. Bet You Mist Us!
  2. Octarian Heights
  3. Torture Tour
  4. Conserve Ink-Splat Sustainably
  5. The Enemy Ink Is Lava!
  6. Keep It Rolling
  7. That Sinking Feeling
  8. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  9. Dive and Dash
  10. Mission: Fly Fishin’
  11. Don’t Tease the Keys
  12. Enter the Stamp Gaunlet
  13. The Obscurest Chiaroscurist- Boss Battle

Alterna Space Center

  1. Alterna Space Center: Entrance
  2. Alterna Space Center: Hangar
  3. Alterna Space Center: Lift
  4. The Spirit Lifter: Steerage
  5. The Spirit Lifter: First Class
  6. Rocket Battle- Boss Battle

Secret Level

After Alterna

This is a secret and hidden level. You cannot open it easily. You can only achieve this level if you have fought all the previous Bosses and completed the previous levels. Moreover, players need to have 333 Power Eggs in their bag.

These are all the Story Mode Missions and Levels in Splatoon 3. If you complete all these levels, then Congrats! You have completed all 74 Levels in Story Mode Missions!

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