Spinbotters Have Already Infiltrated the Counter-Strike 2 Servers

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Valve

Counter-Strike 2 limited test beta just launched recently. But, Spinbotters have already gotten into the system.

Valve surprised everyone with the release of Counter-strike 2 beta. Despite much anticipation, the developers made no prior announcement before launching the limited-access beta worldwide. Although most players are disappointed with not getting the chance to test beta as of now, they are just happy that Counter-Strike 2 is not a myth anymore.

Besides the engine update, many other things will undergo significant changes, including map overhaul, volumetric smoke, and sub-tick system. While most changes were well-accepted by the CS community, some things still need to be resolved. And that includes the cheater issues. Yes, the notorious Spinbotters have already made their way into the Counter-Strike 2 servers.

Counter Strike 2
Credit: Valve

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Spinbotters Strikes in Counter-Strike 2 Servers

One of the biggest reasons why CS: GO players hated the Valve official matchmaking was the hacker issues in the game. Because of this, most players preferred to play on FACEIT over Valve’s official matchmaking servers.

However, with the release of Counter-Strike 2, players had the hope that the cheater problem would be solved with better VAC anti-cheat. But, just one week after Counter-Strike 2 was released, cheaters have already infiltrated the servers.

The funny part is that some cheats can even be done via a few simple lines of console commands. Anyone can use wallhack in the game and get away with it because it’s a built-in feature. Nonetheless, Valve will surely release a fix to remove these built-in features that allow players to cheat in-game without actually cheating.

The main issue remains with the real cheaters who ruin the game for other people. Counter-Strike 2 is in a limited test beta phase, and only a few selected people got access to it. Yet, there are cheaters among them. So, what will happen when CS2 launches globally? Will Valve be able to tackle the number of cheaters that’ll plague the servers? Or will they finally be able to make VAC a better anti-cheat like VALORANT’s Vanguard? Time alone will tell.

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