Spiderman-2: All The Flame Mission Locations

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If you are struggling with finding all the flame mission locations, then this guide can help you.

The Flame is a side quest on Spider-Man 2 where Peter will deal with some pyromaniac’s cult. Insomniac also brought back Yuri Watanabe as Wraith for this quest, and upon completing all the missions to this side story, you will be able to unlock the ‘Saving Lives Suit’ for Peter.

To complete the story, you must visit all the flame locations marked on your phone’s app. You will have to finish one flame mission to unlock the next flame mission location. There are a total of 4 side missions for the Flame side quest.

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You won’t be able to start the Flame side story without completing Amends main mission. Once you have completed the main mission, then you will get a notification to play as Peter.

Doing so will provide you with a call from Chief Clarke. He will ask you for your help, and you will trigger the Flame quest.

All the Flame Mission Locations

The four flame missions are:

  • Where Have You Been
  • Everything Burns
  • I Knew You Had It in You
  • It was Meant for Me

Where Have You Been

Flame Financial District
Flame Location: Financial District | Credits: Insomniac Games

This is the first flame mission location, and it is on the north-western side of the Financial District. You won’t meet Yuri here but rather discover the cultists who are planning for the ‘’Crimson Hour’.

Everything Burns

Flame Chinatown
Flame Location: Chinatown | Credits: Insomniac Games

Next, you will have to go to Chinatown. From central Chinatown, go East, and you will see the location. Wraith or Yuri Watanabe will introduce herself in this mission, so keep an eye out!

I Knew You Had It in You

Flame Astoria
Flame Location: Astoria | Credits: Insomniac Games

Go to central Astoria after you are done with Chinatown to trigger the 3rd mission.

It was Meant for Me

Flame Williamsburg
Flame Location: Williamsburg | Credits: Insomniac Games

The final mission of the Flame story is on the North Eastern side of Williamsburg, almost near Little Odessa.

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