Spanish Streamer Ibai Breaks Twitch Viewership Record with More than 3.3 Million Concurrent Viewers

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Ibai Twitch

Popular Spanish Twitch Streamer Ibai’s recent Boxing Livestream has attracted more than 3.3 million concurrent viewers breaking the viewership record.

Ibai Llanos Garatea, more commonly known online as Ibai, is a popular Spanish Twitch streamer, Caster, and Internet Celebrity. He is the Co-Owner of the esports team KIO and was a content creator for G2 Esports.

Ibai’s Twitch channel has more than 10.9 million followers. It is ranked #2 in Spanish and #4 Worldwide. According to, Ibai’s channel averages a viewer count of around 160,000 per stream.

But Ibai’s recent Boxing Livestream event is breaking Twitch viewership records reaching a peak concurrent viewership count of around 3.3 million.

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Ibai Reaches 3.3 Million concurrent viewers on Twitch:

Ibai is currently hosting a boxing event on his Twitch channel. The boxing event pits some of Twitch’s popular Spanish streamers against each other. The entire fight schedule for the Ibai Boxing event is as follows-

  • Carola vs. Spursito
  • Ari Gameplays vs Paracetamor
  • Momo vs. Viruzz
  • Luzu vs. Lolito
  • David Bustamante vs Mr Jagger

The hype started building even before the first fight between Carola and Sprusito started, with viewers slowly tuning in to see the event. Ibai’s viewership count reached more than 3.3 million at one point, breaking The Gregfg’s previous record of 2.4 million viewers.

At the time of writing this article, Ibai’s viewership dipped below 3 million but is climbing rapidly as the next fight between Luzu andLolito is about to begin. We can expect Ibai’s viewership count to even cross 4 million before the end of this record-breaking event.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.