Soulmask: Where to Find Your First Alpaca

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Alpacas are really easy to find if you look in the right places.

Alpacas are one of the five creatures that can be mounted on Soulmask. They might be a little slow, but it’s always preferable to ride them instead of using your own feet and losing stamina. Also, Alpacas are very friendly and easier to catch compared to any other mountable creature in the game. So, in this guide, I will tell you where the Alpacas spawn and how you can get and mount your first Alpaca.

Alpaca Locations in Soulmask

You can find Alpacas in the southeast region of the map. So, you will likely encounter an Alpaca if you keep playing and exploring the map close to that region.

The most known locations of Alpacas are:

  • Western Rainforest
  • Northern Rainforest
  • Rocky Bottomland
  • The Wild
  • Pit Hill
  • Great Prairie
  • Plateau Woodland
Alpaca Locations Soulmask

Where to Catch Your First Alpaca

Although Alpacas are located in many different locations, you can find an Alpaca very close to the default spawns. The closest Alpaca near the spawns are located at the Ancient Ruins in the Western Rainforest, right beside the big pond.

Alpaca location soulmask

You should slow down when you arrive at the Ancient Ruins since three Outcasts will be watching over the area. You must eliminate the guards. After you eliminate the guards, you’ll see a baby Alpaca inside the fence, waiting to be rescued.

baby alpaca soulmask

After you get close to the baby Alpaca, you will be given the option to pick it up. Now, pick up the baby Alpaca and return to your base. Make sure to drop it in a secured place so it can’t run away. Moreover, make sure to give it enough food and water so it can grow big.

How to Mount Alpaca

To mount an Alpaca, you need to craft a saddle. Before you do that, you need to make sure that you have the minimum requirements:

  • 15 awareness strength
  • Advanced to Dawn of the New Tribe from Knowledge & Technology
  • 2 tech points available
  • Armor forging table
  • 15 leathers
  • 10 leather ropes
  • 10 coarse cotton

If you have met all the above-mentioned requirements, you are now ready to unlock your Alpaca saddle. Navigate to Knowledge & Technology > Leather Gear > Saddlecraft and unlock Alpaca saddle.

unlock Alpaca saddle soulmask

After you unlock the saddle, use the armor forging table to create the Alpaca saddle. Now, pick up the saddle, approach your Alpaca, and hold down [E]. Access the Alpaca’s inventory and drag the saddle into the empty box beside its inventory menu. Congratulations! You have a moutable Alpaca. You can now explore the beautiful terrain of Soulmask without having to continuously run out of stamina.

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