Slime Rancher 2: All Plort Types

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Learn all you need to know about the Plort, types, values, and more in Slime Rancher 2.

Since Beatrix reached the land of far, far away, Rainbow Island, she’s been running around those thick jello monsters. Why wouldn’t she? These jellos have created a fortune for her, and she doesn’t need to think of any other way of making a fortune. However, what’s so special about these slimes?

Beatrix runs around these slimes and hope for the rare ones. Well, rare or not, she’s getting Plorts from ranching those slimes. What does she do with Plorts, you ask? She sells them in the Plort Market, silly. Now that is another story to uncover. Check it out here.

Anyway, in the land of the Slimes, Beatrix can’t seem to name every one of them. But there is an end. On that basis, this guide will uncover all the details you need to know about these Plorts that she ranches from the Slimes. Hop in!

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What is Plort?

When Beatrix chases Slime, she collects them as a prize and feeds them. Now, when she feeds them, in return, these slimes churn out Plorts. What does she do with this harvest? She sells them in the Plort Market for NewBucks. And needless to say, that has earned her quite a fortune.

Different Slimes gives out different types of Plorts. Each of them has different values in the market. However, the market price fluctuates from time to time. If you proceed with a strategy, you can surely get an idea of the market, even though the pricing system algorithm is a bit complex.

However, there is another use for these Plorts. Beatrix can make cool-looking gadgets with the Plorts once she has unlocked the lab. All she needs to do in the lab is deposit a certain amount of Plorts, and she can get Slime Science gadgets in no time.

All Types of Plort in Slime Rancher 2

Below, you will find all the info about Plort, sources, and much more. Get into it already!

PlortSlimeSpawning LocationDefault PriceDietFavorite Food
AnglerAngler SlimeEmber ValleyTBAMeatSea Hen
BattyBatty SlimeStarlight Strand
Caves of Ember Valley
BoomBoom SlimeCaves of Ember Valley45MeatBriar Hen
CottonCotton SlimeRainbow Field
Ember Valley
TBAVegetablesWater Lettuce
CrystalCrystal SlimeStarlight Strand60VegetablesOdd Onion
DervishDervish SlimeTBA75FruitPrickle Bar
FireFire SlimeCaves of Ember Valley45AshAsh
FlutterFlutter SlimeStarlight StrandTBANectarMoondew Nectar
GoldGold SlimeRandom300Glided GingerGlided Ginger
HoneyHoney SlimeStarlight Strand45FruitsMint Mango
HunterHunter SlimeStarlight Strand60MeatRoostro
MosaicMosaic SlimeTBA75VegetablesSilver Parsnip
PhosphorPhosphor SlimeRainbow Field
Starlight Strand
Ember Valley
(Spawns at Night ONLY)
PinkPink SlimeRainbow Field
Ember Valley
PuddlePuddle SlimeEmber Valley45WaterWater
QuantumQuantum SlimeTBA60FruitPhase Lemon
RadRad SlimeTBA45VegetablesOca Oca
RingtailRingtail SlimeEmber Valley
Starlight Strand
RockRock SlimeEmber Valley
Starlight Strand
22VegetablesHeart Beet
SaberSaber SlimeTBA60Meat
TabbyTabby SlimeRainbow Fields22MeatStony Hen
TangleTangle SlimeTBA75MeatPainted Hen

That is all you need to know about Plort in Slime Rancher 2. Cheers!

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