Six Invitational 2024 Twitch Drops: Everything you need to know

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By Sadnan Nafis
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Six Invitational 2024 is kicking off today and like in previous times, there will be free Twitch Drops that viewers can earn. Here’s everything you need to know about SI 2024 Twitch Drops.

Ubisoft and BLAST are hosting Siege’s most coveted esports tournament, the Six Invitational, in São Paulo, Brazil. Here the top 20 teams from across the world will fight for the crown of the World Champions.

On top of that players will be able to get new information about Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 9 and what’s to come in the future. You can watch the matches live on Twitch and even earn yourself some free rewards through Twitch Drops.

With Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta now being available, some players might also be able to sell these items for R6 Credits.

SI 2024 Free Twitch Drops

si 2024

The new SI Twitch Drops will be available throughout the entire tournament and beyond that through a few selected R6 Streamers. Here are the details of the rewards:

  • Group Stage: Enjoy up to 7 esports packs. 
  • Playoffs Phase 1: Grab 5 esports packs to enhance your collection. 
  • Playoffs Phase 2: Brace yourself for a generous drop of 6 esports packs.

Open these esports packs to discover cool items from the Kaid S.I.24 bundle, Amaru S.I.24 bundle, and the new S.I.24 charm. During Playoffs Phase 2, individual daily drops will include items from the Frost S.I.24 bundle, along with the S.I. charms, the Y9S1 reveal Charm will drop during the Grand Final.

Esports packs will also be distributed as Twitch Drops on selected R6 Streamer channels during Playoffs Phase 2. The highly sought-after Amaru S.I.24 Weapon skin will be accessible on all R6 Streamer channels on Feb 10, 11, and 12, as well as on break days, Feb 18 & 22.

Moreover, specific R6 Streamer channels will continue to provide Esports packs as Twitch Drops after the tournament ends. The Frost S.I.24 weapon skin will be accessible from Feb 28th to Mar 3rd on R6 Streamer channels that co-streamed the Six Invitational 2024.

Make sure to register your account at and link your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts. Activate the drops feature to get the free rewards just by watching the official streams.

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