Six Invitational 2023 Twitch Drops: Everything you need to know

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Rainbow Six Siege‘s biggest event of the year – the Six Invitational – is here. Ubisoft has now shared more details about the Twitch Drop program, so here’s how you can collect the free drops.

Ubisoft has now announced that Twitch Drops will be enabled for the Six Invitational 2023, similar to previous Rainbow Six Siege esports events. Viewers will be able to easily receive free Rainbow Six Siege in-game items just by watching the event on Twitch.

Fans also won’t have to worry about getting any duplicate items, as they will instead receive Battle Pass points for the next season.

Here’s a list of the items available in the esports packs and how you can get them for free.

[R6SE] - Introducing the Six Invitational 2023 Twitch Drops Program - Drops


On February 18 and 19, an exclusive Nomad set will be dropped on top of the Esports Packs. This set will be available on our official channels and online watch parties. Here are the details on the SI 2023 Nomad Set:

  • On February 18, earn the SI 2023 Nomad Headgear after 4 hours of watch time.
  • On February 19, earn the SI 2023 Nomad Uniform after 4 hours of watch time.


During the rest days of the competition, on February 12 and 16, you can earn the Six Invitational 2023 Bandit in-game charm and weapon skin by watching any content creator, with Twitch Drops activated, streaming Rainbow Six Siege. Here are the details on how to get each item:

  • On February 12, between 12 AM EST and 11:59 PM EST, you can redeem the SI 2023 Bandit Charm after watching 2 hours of any Rainbow Six Siege streamer.
  • On February 16, between 12 AM EST and 11:59 PM EST, you can redeem the SI 2023 Bandit MP7 Weapon Skin after watching 2 hours of any Rainbow Six Siege streamer.


We’ll be revealing the details for Year 8 Season 1 on February 18 at 2:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CET and sharing a look at Year 8 on February 19 at 2:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM CET. To celebrate the occasion, an exclusive charm will be dropped during each panel.

The in-game charm will be available for an hour, starting at 2:30 PM EST on February 18, and 2:00 PM EST on February 19, and can be obtained after 15 minutes of watch time on our official channels or online watch parties.

How to get Six Invitational 2023 Twitch Drops?

Register your account by heading over to and link your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account. You will then be prompted to opt into the drops feature. Please make sure that your account is linked before you tune in to the broadcast.

All drops will need to be claimed manually. You can track all the Drops progression on the Inventory page When the Drops condition is reached, you will need to click on the “Claim” button in the Inventory page to claim the reward and continue the progression towards the next reward. Please note that the “Claim” button will be available only 24 hours after the end of the campaign (the final playday of the Six Invitational). The delivery of claimed items will usually be done 48 hours after the end of the Six Invitational.

More information: Twitch Drops are activated for all five platforms the game is currently available on: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. You do not currently need to own Rainbow Six Siege to be able to earn drops. If you have your Twitch account linked to your Ubisoft account, and your Ubisoft account has been linked with your console accounts or PC, then you will receive the items when you login for the first time after installing.


Please find below the watch time requirements to earn Esports Packs for the Six Invitational 2023:

From February 7 to 11, packs will drop accordingly: 

  • 1st pack will drop after 1 hour of watch time.
  • 2nd pack will drop after 5 hours of watch time.
  • 3rd pack will drop after 9 hours of watch time.
  • 4th pack will drop after 13 hours of watch time.
  • 5th pack will drop after 17 hours of watch time.
  • 6th pack will drop after 21 hours of watch time.

From February 13 to 15, you can earn up to 2 packs per day, the 1st dropping after 4 hours, and the second dropping after 7 hours each day.

From February 17 to 19, packs will drop as follows:

  • On February 17 and 18, you can earn up to 2 packs per day:
    • 1st pack will drop after 3 hours of watch time. o 2nd pack will drop after 6 hours of watch time.
  • On February 19:
    • 1st pack after 2 hours of watch time.
    • 2nd pack after 3 hours of watch time.
    • 3rd pack will drop after 4 hours of watch time.
    • 4th pack will drop after 5 hours of watch time.


Battle Pass Points – amount may vary

Esports Ace Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Heyday Uniform
  • Heyday head gear
  • No Surrender AK-12 weapon skin
  • Ace charm

Esports Alibi Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Outstanding Performance Uniform
  • Outstanding Performance Headgear
  • Unbeatable MX4 Storm Weapon Skin
  • Alibi Charm

Esports Amaru Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Uncanny Motivation Uniform
  • Uncanny Motivation Headgear
  • Adamant G8A1 Weapon Skin
  • Amaru Charm

Esports Bandit Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Ultimate Competitor Uniform
  • Ultimate Competitor Headgear
  • Undefeated Glory MP7 Weapon Skin
  • Bandit Charm

Esports Blitz Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Beyond Terrific Uniform
  • Beyond Terrific Headgear
  • High Ranker P12 Weapon Skin
  • Blitz Charm

Esports Dokkaebi Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Mischievous Essence Uniform
  • Mischievous Essence Headgear
  • Modest Demolisher MK 14 EBR Weapon Skin
  • Dokkaebi Charm

Esports Ela Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Unrivaled Scrapper Uniform
  • Unrivaled Scrapper Headgear
  • Vanquisher SCORPION EVO 3 A1 Weapon Skin
  • Ela Charm

Esports Fuze Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Reliable Silence Uniform
  • Reliable Silence Headgear
  • Hard-Hitter 6P41 Weapon Skin
  • Fuze Charm

Esports Gridlock Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Arduous Hardship Uniform
  • Arduous Championship Headgear
  • Victory Taker M249 Weapon Skin
  • Gridlock Charm

Esports Hibana Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Triumphant Challenger Uniform
  • Triumphant Challenger Headgear
  • Unrivaled PM9 Weapon Skin
  • Hibana Charm

Esports IQ Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Doyenne Uniform
  • Doyenne Headgear
  • Unsurpassed 552 Commando Weapon Skin
  • IQ Charm

Esports Jäger Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Relentless Combatant Uniform
  • Relentless Combatant Headgear
  • Conqueror 416-C CARBINE Weapon Skin
  • Jäger Charm

Esports Kaid Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • One-of-a-kind Uniform
  • One-of-a-kind Headgear
  • Unmatched AUG A3 Weapon Skin
  • Kaid Charm

Esports Maestro Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Moon Flare Uniform
  • Lyrid Headgear
  • Shooting Star Alda 5.56 Weapon Skin
  • Maestro Charm

Esports Melusi Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Preeminent Uniform
  • Preeminent Headgear
  • Unbroken Strength MP5 Weapon Skin
  • Melusi Charm

Esports Mozzie Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Cosmic Nexus Uniform
  • Chromosphere Headgear
  • Constellation Commando 9 Weapon Skin
  • Mozzie Charm

Esports Pulse Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Seasoned Contender Uniform
  • Seasoned Contender Headgear
  • Superstar M1014 Weapon Skin
  • Pulse Charm

Esports Vigil Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Shrouded Confidence Uniform
  • Shrouded Confidence Headgear
  • Veiled Response K1A Weapon Skin
  • Vigil Charm

 Esports Ying Set: 4 items – dropping individually

  • Starlight Uniform
  • Eclipse Headgear
  • Gamma Ray T-95 LSW Weapon Skin
  • Ying Charm 

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