Sifu: How to Unlock All Endings

There are a total of three endings in Sifu: the Good ending, the Bad ending, and the True ending. Keep reading to learn how to unlock all of them.

Sifu is the brilliantly executed martial arts action game developed by the French videogame developer Sloclap. What starts off as a simple and straightforward story of revenge goes deep into making players question their own morals. As the son of the Sifu or master martial artist who had been brutally murdered right in front of your eyes, you spend the next 8 years of your life training to take down the culprits.

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However, getting to them is not as easy as it sounds. Before you can even reach the main culprit, you need to battle four other big baddies. With much effort, you consistently break your way through their guards and challenge each of them to a duel. You show them no mercy, and your journey ends with a long trail of corpses. However, it could end differently.

Sifu is meant to be completed in multiple playthroughs. For disclaimer, the first ending you get will always be the bad ending. In this guide, we will go over and explain all the different endings in Sifu and how you can unlock each of them.

The Bad Ending in Sifu

The Bad Ending in Sifu
Credit: Sloclap

This ending focuses on the natural course of the story. You hunt down your father’s murderers one by one and kill them after engaging in gruesome duels. After finally beating Yang, you may think that you have accomplished your goal. After all, you have taken down your father’s killer and his accomplices.

However, it is at this moment that the game forces you to reflect on the extent to which you have gone to exact revenge. Is death the only answer? Is that the ultimate punishment they deserve? Well, according to Sifu, the answer is no.

After breaking Yang’s structure in the second phase of the battle, the prompt for the finisher move will appear. Press it to deal a killing blow to his chest. At this moment, Yang will fall, and the ending cutscene will begin. As you close your eyes, you’ll find your younger self standing in front of the graves of Yang’s wife and daughter.

You can hear Sifu and Yang arguing in the background, where Yang explains that he had no other choice but to steal the talisman to save his family. Sifu, both disgusted and enraged by his disciple’s betrayal, banishes Yang from his dojo. You learn that failing to save his family and being banished was what motivated Yang to kill his Sifu.

At this moment, Sifu’s voice will tell you that by choosing the path of murder, you have failed the teachings of the Wude, which translates to “martial morality.” He who has Kung fu and Wude does not need to murder his opponents to defeat them.

By relying on your skills alone, you can break your opponents to the point where they no longer wish to fight you. After this revelation, you are transported to the past. You have to restart your journey and confront your opponents once more, but this time in the right way.

The Good Ending in Sifu

The Good Ending in Sifu
Credit: Sloclap

After getting the bad ending, you have now been given a second chance to correct your methods. However, you will need to replay the whole game again to get a good ending. In order to make sure you get a good ending this time, you need to spare all five bosses. If you’re not sure how you can do that, check out our guide on how to spare bosses in Sifu.

Instead of outright killing the opponent, you need to make them surrender. By making sure that you spared all the previous bosses, you can fight Yang like usual. Right as you break his structure in the second phase, the prompt for “Spare” will appear. The cutscene will follow with Yang grabbing your talisman and striking your chest with it.

This time, you’ll both be transported to where the graves are, and Yang will hear the last words he said to his dying wife and daughter. Yang will throw away the talisman in rage, and the third phase of the fight will begin. But don’t worry, as both of your health bars will be gone so that you won’t take any damage. Just keep focusing on breaking his structure and hit him with the finisher move.

Since you have decided to spare him, you won’t actually land your final strike. You will then hear Sifu’s words, “This is Wude,” and fall to the ground. When you wake up, you will find yourself in a cave. Explore around to find the way up to the mountain. Once you reach the peak, you’ll be welcomed with warm sunlight and a dragon flying in the sky. You’ll take it all in with a deep breath, and the credits will start rolling.

The Secret Ending in Sifu

The Secret Ending in Sifu
Credit: Sloclap

You will be awarded an elemental talisman for every boss you spare during your second playthrough. And you need to collect all five of them to unlock the secret ending. It is vital that you have the talismans of all previous bosses in hand before confronting Yang. Here is the list of talismans associated with each boss:

  • Fajar “The Botanist” – Wood Talisman
  • Sean “The Fighter” – Fire Talisman
  • Kuroki “The Artist” – Water Talisman
  • Jinféng “The CEO” – Metal Talisman
  • Yang “The Leader” – Earth Talisman

Don’t worry, as unlocking the secret ending will not require a third playthrough. Instead, the secret ending comes as a post-credit scene that gives players some insight into the protagonist’s life after he has completed his life’s mission of avenging his father. We get to see him following his father’s footsteps and running his own dojo. The scene ends on a heartwarming note as a disciple addresses him as “Sifu.”

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