Shroud on being a pro in VALORANT “I wanna compete but I can’t compete”

Shroud actually wants to go pro in VALORANT but can't


Shroud is currently one of the most renowned faces in the world of live game streaming.

On April fools day as a joke Shroud announced that he is going pro in VALORANT. Needless to say, it shocked everyone in the FPS community. While it was pretty clear that he was actually joking, apparently that tweet has more truth to it than one might think.

In his latest youtube video published on his second channel Shroudy Rowdy, he explained that he wants to compete but he can’t compete in VALORANT. The main reasoning behind his choice to not be a pro in VALORANT is due to the fact that he wants some free time to himself to avoid burnout. Contrary to popular belief, streaming full time while also competing with a professional team at the same time can be soul-consuming.

Shroud enjoys the streamer life too much

Besides that, he already lived that PRO/streamer lifestyle. He further explained that when he was a full-time CSGO pro for Cloud 9 and a streamer, he had no time for himself. And in the long run, it is just a recipe for creator burnout. Since he is already living the dream life of playing video games to earn money, he is reluctant to leave this life behind to compete in VALORANT.

However, the competitiveness in him wants to complete in VALOARNT. Therefore he kind of has to restrain himself from playing VALORANT too competitively. To Shroud VALORANT can’t be enjoyed casually cause of his affinity towards being competitive. This along with the fact that there is no causal mode in VALORANT as of yet to just sit back and relax.

Shroud might never go pro in any video game ever again. Even though if he really wanted he could easily get offers from huge tier-1 organizations, he won’t compete in any pro-VALORANT LAN event any time soon. Since juggling both streaming and pro gaming can be similar to burning a candle at both ends at the same time, rather he will just stay chill and steam whatever games he wants at the moment.


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