Season 2 in MW3 is Set to Bring Back some Fan-Favorite Maps

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Activision

Season 2 of MW3 is rumored to be adding some fan-favorite maps from older games!

Call of Duty has always been a casual console game for most players. However, it also features a competitive side since Black Ops II. The casual and competitive player bases all just want more. In the latest set of leaks regarding the game, three new names for maps have emerged to be included in the game during Season 2.

With Sledgehammer Games under scrutiny regarding their delayed and troubled ranked play release, this news of new maps might bring some goodwill back. Modern Warfare 3 has been regarded as just a facelift of the previous game with a hefty price tag. They have a lot to do to steer the ship in the right direction.

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What Maps are Expected to be Added in MW3 Season 2?

While details of the next Season update are still not fully available, data miners and leakers have revealed some exciting news. According to Leakers, 3 maps from previous titles are making their way back to MW3 in Season 2.

Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 will have Das Haus, Dome, and Beenbergh Hotel return to the pool. This is exciting news for the community as each of these maps is specialized for close-quarters combat. The fast-paced nature of these maps makes it so beloved.

Will Season 2 Have other MW3 Maps?

The Update will bring in 3 original maps as well as the remade classics. This is good news since Call of Duty has some of the most nostalgic sets of maps ranging from Nuketown to Killhouse to the aforementioned dome. Moving forward, it’s important that Sledgehammer hosts a healthy mix of new and old to keep the game both interesting and engaging.

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