Scorn Ending: What Does The Ending Mean?

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Ebb Software

Scorn is a game that doesn’t have any dialogue. So, as a result, the ending is left pretty open-ended. Here is what the ending means.

Scorn is a horror survival game with a unique art style. It has some gunplay elements, but most of the gameplay is focused on the puzzle. And even though you have a gun, the ammo is very limited. So you need to make sure every ammo counts. This scarcity of ammo adds to the grim vibe of the game.

While Scorn has an opening and an ending cutscene, that is all it has aside from the gameplay. And in these two cutscenes, there is no dialogue either. So grasping the story of the game can often be difficult. The game’s story is very open-ended and told exclusively with environmental storytelling.

In Scorn, you are getting what you are seeing. There is no dialogue in the game, and it pretty much lets you figure things out for yourself. So for many players, the story and the ending don’t make any sense. So here we will break down the ending of Scorn and what are our thought on it.

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Scorn Ending Explained

The ending of Scorn is nothing concrete. And with the game having no dialogue, no information is 100% correct. But the gameplay and the ending play out in a way where we can find our own narrative in it.

The Journey

The story of Scorn can be interpreted in many ways. But if we think it is not a metaphor for something else and take the story at its face value, we can find a post-apocalyptic world in the game. We do not know what happened to the world since we are just waking up in this world.

We do not know where we are and why we are here. But instinctively, we understand we need to get out of this place. Thus begins the search for a way out. During our search, we face many obstacles and use many objects and sometimes even living beings.

We will not go into specific details of the story, but that is pretty much the basic premise. You can see a large emphasis on birth and re-birth throughout your journey to leave the place. You will also find statues of people and some living monsters and parasites.

But as you try to leave through a door that looks like a portal, you are attacked by a parasite, killed, and transformed like the surrounding area. This is where the game ends. So what does this ending really mean? Let us discuss that.

Scorn Ending: What Does The Ending Mean?
Credit: Ebb Software

The Ending

From the surrounding, we can assume that maybe an alien race or highly developed human is the reason behind the fall of civilization in the world of Scorn. Whether they were aliens or humans, they created a parasite that wiped out civilization.

The game’s focus on bio-mechanical art style also tells us the civilization was focused on using biomechanical parts to advance their technology. That could also be why they have a strong connection with birth since they will need more people to feed into the bio-mechanical system.

Then our character here would be just another fodder to serve in this bio-mechanical system. But lucky for us, civilization collapsed before we were fully developed. Thus we try to leave the facility where we were created. But the threat that ended the civilization is still out there.

The last remaining people fleed through the door-like portal we find at the end of the game, and no one has made it out of the area since. We try to escape but, like many before us, collapse and die at the final stretch, making us a part of the world.

The fact that many have tried and failed to escape is evident by the different points of the journey, where we find almost body and head-like things in different areas of the game. In the end, we also see ourselves displayed in the same way. The story’s ending is grim, but it also shows that you cannot break the escape cycle that this world is on right now.

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