Scorn: How to Get Ammo

Scorn is a horror-survival game. So ammo is rare in the game. Here is how you can get ammo in Scorn.

Scorn is a unique art style-focused game. H. R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński inspire the game’s art. These artists are famous for their bio-mechanical-like arts. So the whole Scorn’s world is like that, which creates a different atmosphere for the game.

As far as the gameplay goes, the game can be considered an adventure survival horror game. The focus is mainly on the adventure survival part. There are a few shooting elements to the game, but ammo is very rare to find. So you do not want to waste your precious ammo. If you are just starting the game, here is how you can find ammo in Scorn.

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How to Get Ammo in Scorn?

The only way to get ammo in Scorn is from the ammo station. Ammo stations are scattered throughout all the areas of the game. However, once you use an ammo station, the ammo doesn’t refill. So you can only use one ammo station only once.

The first ammo station you will find is in the same room where you get your first gun. Make sure to remember what they look like. That is because all the ammo station looks the same. From there on, every time you find a ammo station make sure to refill your ammo. But be aware of all the enemies in the area as you will be locked in an animation while refilling the ammo.

Before you leave, take a look at all the achievements and how long it takes to beat Scorn. Cheers!

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